The advantages of having a united team between marketing and sales

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The world is moving at a speed that is truly elusive and almost impossible to match. Every day, millions of people are creating new platforms, tools, technologies and resources for society.

This sometimes makes us feel very small when we see the immensity of everything that happens around us, but if you are one of those who see themselves in more active roles, leading teams, if you are a manager of a company or you are undertaking in your own brand, we must tell you that there is no better time than this.

2020 transformed us all, literally, everyone in the world. But it also opened thousands of doors and windows to new opportunities, methodologies, techniques and strategies that we are still developing today.

Basically, we have the opportunity to rewrite everything we know and what we have been working on. One of the main things we learned is that not always what we had done our whole lives, even if it worked, was the best option.

A clear example of this is the business structures, the way they worked and how perhaps the workloads or responsibilities were distributed within the different departments.

Before there were really very marked and well-defined functions on what each person had to do on each team. Tasks such as lead nurturing or lead scoring were perhaps the responsibility of just one person and no one else could interfere with that.

But the reality is that the workflow within successful brands really “flows”, just as the name implies. Obviously, order in the processes is necessary. However, there are functions that need so much support from others that ideally synergy reigns between departments.

That is why today we decided to create this article for you, focusing on two of the teams that are perhaps the most important bases of each company and that tend to be involved in certain not so favorable situations when they do not really work together.

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The advantages of having a united team between marketing and sales

The truth is that marketing and sales are a force that does not make sense to have it separate; they are complementary and really necessary for each other. If marketing doesn’t do its job, there are no sales; if there are no sales, there is no budget or resources for marketing, and this is a reality.

So why for so many years many companies have had these separate departments when, really, the more union and synergy there is between the two, the better the results will be? Let’s try to resolve this question.

It may sound difficult, but the truth is that some prefer to have their money separate from their strategies. Those who work in this area have surely heard the phrase “there is no budget for that” and, honestly, if marketing were more aligned to sales, you would know that there is.

But, for some reason, it was believed that investing in good marketing actions was not so important and in a way less was spent than what could really be invested both economically, as well as in time and effort.

This is one of the reasons why for years companies have not seen the best results and have not grown in the way that perhaps they could have. And it is that perhaps they did not take the time to know in depth everything that marketing can do to generate sales and income, but luckily that is changing.

Having marketing and sales together brings great benefits such as:

1. Client management

One of the most common problems that can be solved when combining marketing and sales is customer management. It usually happens that “marketing offered A”, but “sales delivered B” and here the problems of customer satisfaction begin.

If each department works on its own, it is very common to have these communication and expectations problems. Unfortunately, the customer is the one who is affected.

This is perhaps the most important point that would be strengthened when joining this pair so that they are perfectly aligned throughout the process. If sales are aware of everything that marketing does, when the client reaches them they can make an optimal, simple and much faster closing, increasing the chances of loyalty.

At the same time, if marketing fully knows the needs and sales objectives, it can work focused on it as if it were its own goal, because, in a way, it is, and thus attract the ideal prospects.

2. Better workflow

In addition to the previous point, it is fully expected that the work progresses more fluidly and quickly, thus generating better results in a better time and reducing the effort that both teams must make to generate a sale.

This also influences the satisfaction of the teams by making their work easier and with better results. In addition, that unnecessary and ego-filled rivalry is eliminated.

3. Cost reduction

If the two previous points are met, costs are reduced because fewer opportunities are lost, fewer hours of work and you will need fewer people since the load flows between both teams.

Likewise, all members will be more motivated, without suffering burnouts and this will allow a small team to be as productive as one of 50 people.

4. Increased return on investment

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important beneficial aspects, as a consequence of the previous actions your earnings will rise, you will see a better return on your investment in less time and with less effort.

So yes, uniting marketing and sales brings great advantages for companies in general and also for customers, who at the end of the day are the reason for being of each brand.

For now, we invite you to evaluate how your teams are doing and to begin the transition to the wonderful path of united, aligned and synergistic departments.


The advantages of having a united team between marketing and sales

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