The path to yourself and the search for style in clothes

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We grew up at a time when no one even heard such concepts as “brand DNA” or “Personal brand”, but at that time my great love for clothes was born.

I watched everything without stopping. episodes of the program “America’s Next Top Model” (remember, perhaps, this one) and only now I understand how much I liked these professionally stylized shots, which resulted in incredible shots. But then I could not even think that over time I would learn to do it myself.

Now I am 32 and I finally do what I really like and enjoy: I make girls even more beautiful and more self-confident … But I did not come to this right away, although, as far back as I can remember, always the best “medicine” and gift for me was a new outfit or a new pair of shoes.

Speaking of medicines, I forgot to mention that I am a pharmacist by profession -proviser and, being on the next maternity leave, I realized that I didn’t want to return to this area and I couldn’t.

Like any self-respecting girl, I began to think about self-development and changing profession. Fortunately, now almost everything can be learned online. So, passing one training after another, I ended up in the school of fashionable professions ReStyle, to which I am immensely grateful for the knowledge and experience.

It’s hard to imagine that once I walked all hung with rhinestones and sequins, and finished all this luxurious image of gold-colored boots. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have no photographs of this splendor, but I still have a love of glitter, and I try to control it carefully.

Personal brand is not only a form of expression by a person in society, a bright style of clothing and the number of subscribers on social networks. First of all, these are the associations, feelings and emotions that you evoke in people. And when you are a stylist-image maker, then more attention is directed to your image.

Deeper into the study of myself and style, I came to the conclusion that dramatic style is very close to me.

Clothes in a dramatic style are characterized by complex cuts and shapes, unusual designs, an abundance of decorative details, and their wide variety. Non-functional and not always convenient elements are often used in accessories and clothing details. This is where the problems in combinatorics began, because things with so many details were difficult to combine with each other.

My closet was full of clothes, but in fact there was nothing to wear. This is the most common problem of all girls. Then I realized that I was missing basic things. After all, they are the frame of any wardrobe. Basic wardrobe – basic wardrobe items that are combined with each other in style, style and color. But then, tired of the abundance of details, I was suddenly thrown to the other extreme – minimalism. These are laconic things of a simple cut with a complete lack of detail.

With the help of the wardrobe we:

  1. Close our needs and roles that we most often fulfill (a young mother or businesswoman);
  2. We make the desired impression.

Taking into account the presence of two children, I understood that my wardrobe should, first of all, be functional and comfortable, but at the same time I did not want to give the impression of a “tortured mother”. And here Casual came to the rescue.

Casual is a casual style of clothing with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. Appeared in Europe in the 20th century. This style excludes formal, smart, overly traditional and classic garments and is characterized by “casual” combinations of garments from various manufacturers. It is currently the most popular among people of all ages.

Casual helped me combine convenience and functionality, but at the same time left room for details and accessories. Ultimately, wandering around the world of fashion, I found something that reflects me. Most importantly, never betray yourself and do not run after fashion.

Look for something that will be close to you and those around you will certainly notice it. And remember, you need to follow trends, not blindly follow.

Posted by: stylist-image maker, Veronika Rebikova (@veronikka_brand)

The path to yourself and the search for style in clothes

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