Types of logos: 7 main types that are found on the market

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A logo is a symbol that embodies the company’s image and is one of its main distinguishing marks among competitors. A small logo that can sit tightly in a prospect’s head and make your brand recognizable.


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The founders of the company are faced with a difficult task of creating a logo that should perform a huge the number of functions and placed on the company’s products and any advertising paraphernalia. The first place to start is deciding on the type of logo. This issue will be devoted to our article.

The well-known American journalist Hilda Morones conducted a little research and identified seven types of logos. There is another classification that divides emblems into graphic (only a picture is present), text (font inscription) and combined (both picture and text exist together). But in this article, the emphasis will still go on the classification of Madame Moronez.

Text logos

Order Thirty percent of modern companies use just a text-based logo. Such emblems are distinguished by the presence of only a text component (no images). This type of logo can be divided into 2 categories: abbreviations and trademarks.


Логотипы, использующие аббревиатуры

If the company name is too long or consists of several words, then it is better to shorten the name using only the first letters of each word. This will create more ideas when creating a logo, and it will be easier for the client to remember the name.

An example can be given: everyone knows the short abbreviation NASA, but most people do not even know how it stands. It is rather difficult to remember “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”.

Given examples of Russian companies, it is worth mentioning federal channels. For example, STS, NTV and TNT. These names are known to every citizen of Russia and look beautiful in the corner of the TV screen.

When developing this type of logo, you should try hard, choosing a font. It should be easy to read and consistent with the spirit of the company (entertaining / strict / serious / humorous).

Words (trademarks)

текстовые логотипы

To use this type of logo, the company must have a short and clear name that is easy to remember. Notable examples of this type of logo are Google, Coca Cola and Visa. We think you have seen their emblems, famous all over the world, more than once.

As in the case of abbreviations, it is necessary to think carefully about the font and the color scheme of the text. Remember: the font style should reflect the essence of the company and be easy to read. For example, for a company selling flowers, a light italic is needed, and for a construction company, a strict gostovsky one.

Graphic logos

The following three types of logos refer to graphic logos that consist only of a small picture. Perhaps this is one of the most rare types of logos. But with the right approach, logos become hits in the market with buyers. And about six percent of all firms take risks and make such a logo.

Signs and Symbols

логотипы в виде символа

Companies with this type of symbol are certainly familiar to everyone. Apple with an apple bitten on the right side, Twitter with a flying blue bird. As you can imagine, a well-designed logo can take a company to Olympus and make it one of the most successful in the world.

These types of symbols have a deep meaning and idea that allow them to evoke clear associations among potential customers. But there are many complexities in creating. First, you have to spend a lot of time creating. Secondly, it is difficult to start with an unfamiliar logo when opening a business; the design idea may not be clear to clients. Thirdly, you need to be one thousand and one percent sure that this type of logo will work. Only if you have all three components can you use this type.


Абстрактные логотипы

The main difference between the third type of logo is that the image used is not the usual image of something (an apple, a bird or a book), but an abstract geometric figure. As an example, we can mention the logos of Nike, Reebok, Pepsi and many others.

These logos are very easy to come up with, and this is their main advantage. The main thing is that they convey the mood and look good on the future product. It is also worth noting that this look is great for international companies.

If the products are sold in different directions of the world, it is difficult to create one logo that will evoke the same emotions in different countries. A simple icon, it is an icon on all continents. And colors most often have the same meaning. Therefore, if you are planning to enter the global market, this is your option.

Character logo

Персонаж в логотипе

Even from youth films, we know that many sports teams have their own mascot that dances during all games, takes pictures with fans. Many firms decided to keep up and began to come up with funny characters that would entertain customers in commercials and smile at them from the boxes of goods. Remember Colonel Sanders from the KFS company, smiling from a burger package, Mr.Proper, who appears after a rhythmic melody in all commercials.

This type has one huge advantage – it is direct interaction with the audience and arousing positive emotions buyers. And, of course, after creating such a logo, you don’t have to spend hours thinking up ads, because a mascot will participate in each advertising campaign.

Combined logos

The last two categories of the brand name belong to the so-called combined type. Both images and text are used in their design.


комбинированные логотипы

It’s better to start right away with examples of world famous companies: Burger King, McDonald’s. The text inscription and the symbolic (or graphic) image work in one pair, enhancing and complementing the effect from each other. Sometimes companies omit the text label, for example, when printing business cards, and this is undoubtedly a plus. It’s hard to come up with a logo that will look equally good on business cards, websites, and huge banner ads.


Most often this is a logo with text inside the image. We think everyone studied at universities or institutes. So, most of the higher educational institutions have just such a logo. The owners of car companies are also very fond of emblems.


We took a quick look at seven types of logos. After you have decided on the type of logo that suits your brand, you can start developing it, creating and subsequent implementation. Fortunately, with the help of modern technologies, it is not so difficult to do it yourself, without extra money.

The online designer has become a great friend who solves the problem of creating a logo. You can also use the services of freelancers, there are countless of them on the Internet, and they will definitely help you create a suitable logo.

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Types of logos: 7 main types that are found on the market
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