Urban chic style. I am history

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For myself, I have chosen elements of style – “urban chic”. What is this style? – You ask.

– This is a very noble look, consisting of basic things, good fabric and calm shades. I did not come to him right away …

Let’s get to know each other. My name is Ekaterina, I am 34 years old. After graduating from school, I learned to be an economist and worked in this profession for 10 years. In parallel, for 13 years I danced in show ballet. Colored stage costumes, boas, bright makeup, hats, various dance themes – I adored all this. This helped me make my image in everyday life not boring, bright and with a twist. There was always an interesting detail (a variety of hats, scarves, bow tie or tie).

The topic of makeup has always interested me. And I learned this. I loved transforming girls. Another favorite hobby of mine is making handmade jewelry. When I do them, it calms me down. I put part of my energy into them, and those who wear them feel it …

Then I graduated from the courses of a hairdresser – generalist, a specialist in sugaring and trained to become a master – eyebrow artist. All these acquired knowledge and skills help me in the further implementation of the main goal – “to achieve success in the profession of a stylist”, because it is this type of activity that fully corresponds to my inner world, vital interests and creativity.

It always seemed to me that my image fell short of my ideal, which only I saw. And I wanted to improve it all the time. And then my family and I changed our place of residence, and I again went to study as a choreography teacher. And yet I wanted something more.

In the new city, I felt that I had already grown out of the clothes that I wore. The realization came that I needed a completely different level, but I did not understand what was wrong. I started reading fashion tips on the Internet and found @Restyle_studio, watched them for a year and attended their free webinars, and then won their training course for a stylist. My happiness knew no bounds that I even burst into tears … All my knowledge was not in vain.

I began to be more selective in choosing clothes and bought only those things in which I was comfortable and which decorate me, emphasizing only my merits. If I used to buy more things, now everything has changed. Things don’t hang around in my closet, but my wardrobe as a whole works for me.

So what is this “urban chic” style? This is one of the business style sub-styles. But this kind of clothes can be worn not only in the office. Mixing it with other styles, such as Casual, can make a great set for an evening walk or an informal meeting.

The definition of “elegant” will be basic in relation to urban chic. Also, if you want to give the impression of a successful, sophisticated and well-groomed girl, then this style will perfectly reflect this. All photos below are for example

Urban chic style

Urban chic criteria:

  1. Simplicity cut
  2. High-quality, natural fabrics
  3. Convenience
  4. Practicality
  5. Elegance

The basis of an urban chic wardrobe is made up of classic cut, neutral colors that can be easily supplemented with elements of other styles. Layered looks make the look even more interesting.

Colors that are as restrained and calm as possible, for example: brown, beige, white, black, gray, cream. Especially, urban chic is good in the Total bow, which means the uniformity of the whole set. Such images stretch the silhouette, which is incredibly slim. The print in this style is rarely present, and if there is a place to be, it is not catchy.

Accessories in this style should look expensive. If you choose a bag and shoes, then it is sure to be made of genuine leather and the trend has not been canceled. And don’t forget about embellishments, which are the perfect complement to the whole look. They should be as laconic and minimalistic as possible. Let’s say it will be small stud earrings and a watch, or a few minimalistic rings and a thin chain with a small pendant.

I hope I was able to convey to you what the urban chic style is, if your request meets the definitions that I listed above, then you are here!


Urban chic style. I am history
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