Various types of kitchen furniture

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What should be the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen? How to organize the kitchen so that it serves us best? It is worth considering it carefully – the layout of the kitchen is responsible for its functionality .

The kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend a lot of time in it, peeling, mixing, tasting and seasoning. We want our work to be comfortable and run smoothly. When designing this room, we must take into account its shape, size and role (whether it is a separate space or part of a living room). It is worth considering the frequency of use and the number of people for whom we will prepare meals. Let’s take a look at 6 basic kitchen arrangements.

One line

This kitchen layout is a common solution for small apartments. You can see all the buildings here at hand, it is impossible to hide the worktop on which we work. In the annex, this solution will take up the entire long wall, but will allow you to maximize the living room space. It is a clear and simple construction, but not very comfortable – we work facing the wall, doing all activities in one line.

Body L

The L-shaped kitchen will work well in small apartments. It is easy to adapt in the kitchenette. It will give us the opportunity to hide built-in appliances and use functional drawers and under-counter cabinets. We can, at least partially, reduce the visibility of the table top by using high buildings. Untidiness will not be visible to the guests sitting in the room. With this kitchen layout, we are still forced to work facing the wall .

Kitchen Island

This is a very practical option – it allows you to devote yourself to kitchen activities and be in touch with people in the living room. The island works great as a workplace, but can also be used as a table – just add a few bar stools. Building an island requires a sufficient amount of space. If we want to install a sink or a hob in it, it will be necessary to install the installations in the concrete slab of the apartment.

Island + L

The wall-mounted L-shaped building together with the island form an extremely well thought-out whole. Everything we need is at our fingertips and the work goes fast. This is the most convenient arrangement of furniture in the kitchen , although it requires a sufficiently large space. It allows you to maintain communication with the living room and at the same time, thanks to the high construction, hide the worktop. By adding stools to the island, we gain additional seats.

Island + L


Sometimes, when we cannot run two communication routes next to the island, a kitchen layout with a peninsula is created. It has all the advantages of the island + L layout. This is a good solution, especially if you have a slightly smaller kitchenette. Leading the installation to the peninsula is relatively simple, and the pipes can be hidden in the building.

In the form of the letter U

This setting is ideal if you have a separate kitchen or if you want to use a niche in the room. Using a U-shaped kitchen allows you to create a friendly so-called work triangle. We work facing the wall and have no open view of the living room, but the kitchen mess is also not visible from the living room.

Ergonomic kitchen

The use of the U structure will work well in small spaces and separate kitchens. It will be almost as comfortable as an island. However, in large spaces, let’s use a kitchen island or an island + L layout. Then we will plan everything so that the number of steps needed to perform a given work is as small as possible. Using the island as a dining area facilitates contact between household members and integrates the kitchen with the rest of the living room.

Any of the kitchen layouts above may require developer or general construction changes. It is worth planning an appropriate functional layout that will allow you to check the possibilities offered by your kitchen space.

Various types of kitchen furniture

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