What flooring should you choose for a bedroom?

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Having a beautiful floor covering is not enough to transform the bedroom into a cozy setting.

The bedroom is where you start the day and it’s also where you end it. When we get up, it is therefore this first contact with the ground that will put us in condition for the rest of the day, but it is also when we slide our feet under the duvet at the end of the day, the last contact with the reality that we will have. In other words, the choice of flooring in this intimate space, where it is good to recharge your batteries and relax, should not be taken lightly. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, many other criteria must be taken into account such as comfort, ease of maintenance, sound insulation, durability or even ecological quality. If you are looking for the perfect floor for a bedroom, you may be interested in the suite…

3. Oriented Particle Board (OSB)
Born in the United States in the 1970s, these panels made of softwood strips, embedded in a solution of glue, resin and wax, offer the great advantage of being extremely durable and strong, but also economical and ecological (95 % wood for 5% glue / resin / wax). In recent years, OSB has no longer been confined to construction sites, but has made a strong comeback in interiors, particularly with flooring, where its particular texture captures light while maintaining a natural appearance.

We like: Its raw appearance which gives our bedroom a revisited industrial loft style.

4. Tiles
Tiling is a rather cold material that we imagine more easily in a kitchen than in a bedroom, where rest and cocooning are essential. However, robust and very easy to maintain, it can be the ideal covering in a room on the ground floor overlooking the garden for example. We like: Decorative accessories such as rugs and plaid , which counterbalance the feeling of cold of the tiles in the bedroom.

5. Parquet
Parquet is the timeless covering par excellence. Its pleasant and warm touch, summer and winter, makes it an ideal covering in the bedroom. Thanks to its color and texture, it offers the great advantage of effortlessly providing warmth and comfort. With its many species, it adapts to all styles, bringing naturalness and nobility. We like: This old solid parquet which, sanded and waxed, has found a second youth. No need to overcrowd the space, it sets the tone.

6. Black painted parquet…
If the parquet in the bedroom is faded or if its essence no longer pleases, do not hesitate to play with the paint. To ensure the best result, care should be taken to sand the surface well and clean the area before applying a suitable paint. Special floor or parquet paints already include a hardener, which helps protect the structure a little. We like: The black painted parquet in the bedroom. It creates an enveloping cocoon which accentuates the intimate and private effect of the place.

7. Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring is very resistant and easy to maintain, thanks to the rigidity of its support and the thickness of the element that protects its decor. It is often taken for parquet – so successful can its imitation be. Its floating installation is easy to implement, but the result has poor sound performance. Thus, to dampen footsteps in this place dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation, it will be necessary to provide an insulating underlay when installing laminate flooring. We like: The beautiful alternative to parquet that laminate offers. Less expensive than solid wood, it is nonetheless very aesthetic.

8. Sisal
Sisal is a plant fiber derived from agave which, when woven, is particularly resistant to wear. Naturally creamy white in color, it is the plant fiber that supports dyes the best. Warm and flexible, sisal is particularly suitable for bedrooms, as it is also able to regulate humidity. During a natural process, the fiber stores the humidity present in a room and releases it when the ambient air is dry. We like: The exotic wind blowing in the bedroom with sisal, accentuated with marine or artisanal accessories as desired.

9. Cement tiles
Cement tiles are a must in decorating today. And if we generally prefer small surfaces or places of passage to affix these extremely loaded floor coverings, nothing prevents us from installing them in a bedroom.
With its strong patterns and colors destined to be patina, the cement tile floor becomes graphic, even hypnotic. We like: The sober layout and decoration of this bedroom which lets the floor express itself. He is the one who defines the aesthetic of the place.

10. Old terracotta tiles
Born in Provence at the start of the 20th century, this brick-colored coating has fallen into disuse because it is considered old-fashioned, before making a strong comeback in recent years, where its ocher variations give our interiors warmth and authenticity. The terracotta tiles, although porous and delicate, give the space a real extra soul and transform the bedroom into a refuge out of time, where they leave a soft sensation of freshness under the feet. We like: This old material which, mixed with much more contemporary elements, takes on a real youthful look.

11. PVC
The PVC or vinyl floor is a magical coating, which allows by the diversity of its finishes, but also its easy installation, to quickly change the appearance of our bedroom. With its many patterns and decorations, it can remain sober or imitate wood, stone or cement tiles. And yet the PVC floor is made of plastic. We will therefore choose it without VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to protect its health but also the environment. We like: This floor with trompe-l’oeil decorations which sets the tone in the bedroom, however, make concessions. Its flexibility, resistance, but also its ease of maintenance make it the ideal covering for children’s rooms.

12. Cork
Cork flooring is a hardwearing and durable material which is particularly suitable in a bedroom.
Softer than wood and warmer than tiles, cork, with its natural flexibility, is particularly pleasant when walked barefoot. Although porous, it is easy to clean and offers very good sound and thermal insulation. We like: This ecological floor (respectful of the environment but also of health) which offers a great alternative to drink. Its natural and warm appearance brings a lot of comfort and character to the bedroom.

What type of floor have you chosen in your bedroom? Show us!


What flooring should you choose for a bedroom?

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