What kitchen arrangement will suit your home?

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it is worth paying some attention to it. How to arrange the kitchen? Let’s arrange a room that is comfortable and functional, allowing us to save time and energy.

The arrangement of the kitchen depends largely on who will use it. Do we visit the kitchen occasionally, making a sandwich and reaching for a drink from the fridge? Or maybe we prepare meals for the family every day? Do we like to cook, collect kitchen accessories and exotic spices, or are we minimalist when it comes to food? The answers to these questions are important. Our expectations regarding the surface of the countertops and the amount of space needed for dishes, pots, pans and food supplies depend on them.

Spacious kitchens

In the case of large kitchens, we can afford an island or island + L layout. This is undoubtedly the most comfortable solution. There is enough space here to conveniently arrange all zones of the kitchen. Cooking requires the least effort, and all the necessary equipment is at your fingertips. The arrangement of the kitchen with an island also allows for additional space for dining – it is enough to add bar stools to the island to serve as a dining table. In addition, such a kitchen layout makes it an integral part of the living room. A person preparing meals can simultaneously participate in everyday life or a social meeting. In addition, there is enough space in the kitchen to invite other people to work. Preparing meals together can be a great pleasure.

Small kitchen arrangement

Unfortunately, not every idea we like can be realized. We are limited by the size and shape of the room, as well as the finances at our disposal. However, we are always able to rethink the functionality of individual work zones and plan the most convenient layout for us. If the space to arrange the kitchen is small, it is worth using a U-shaped arrangement . This form has many advantages and allows you to function in the kitchen in a similar way as in the case of arrangement of a kitchen with an island . It will also be perfect when the kitchen is a separate room in the apartment. We should get the so-called work triangle.

Optimal ideas

Working in the kitchen consists of repetitive activities. This makes it easier for us to plan what equipment and accessories will be needed and where we should place them. We know very well that next to the stove there should be a worktop, and behind it a sink and a dishwasher, etc. By arranging the work zones well, we will save time and reduce the number of necessary steps. Drawers are an ergonomic solution in every kitchen. They can be very narrow, using up to 10 cm of spaces, or wide and deep. They allow us to see the entire interior at once and quickly find the items we need, without unnecessary bending down and searching in the corners. It is also worth arranging dishes and accessories in cabinets and drawers well. We put frequently used equipment so that they are immediately at hand. The lowest and higher cabinets should be used for frequently used items, and the highest ones should be used for items that are needed occasionally. Taking into account all the above-mentioned aspects when arranging the kitchen, we will obtain a functional layout and we will certainly make our daily work much easier.

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What kitchen arrangement will suit your home?

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