What to buy for the fall in the men’s department if you are a girl


Many have already appreciated the benefits of men’s T-shirts and shirts. Autumn is coming, and this is another reason to look into the men’s department and find there something interesting for yourself. Why is it worth doing?

  • Firstly, men’s clothes have a practical local design, they are more versatile and without unnecessary details. Minimalists will appreciate it. And in general, for minimalistic designs it is better to go straight to the men’s department than try to find something in the women’s one.
  • Secondly, the colors. If in the women’s section there are all the colors of the rainbow, then in the men’s section there is a more restrained and deep color scheme. Prints on men’s things are almost always classic – a check or a strip.
  • Thirdly, quality. Perhaps due to the fact that men buy less often, they have more quality requirements. Therefore, items from the men’s department will last longer and become an excellent base for your wardrobe.
  • Fourth. Perfect oversize. Advice for oversized lovers – take an item from the men’s department one size larger than yours. And you will get the perfect volume.
  • Fifth, comfort. Men value comfort more than stylish aesthetics, so their clothes are comfortable, warm and pleasant to wear.

So what are we watching …


If you think that hats do not suit you, try a man’s one. Thicker and more voluminous, they fit almost any face shape. Knitted hats are perfect for both classic coats and blazers. For clothes of bright colors and interesting textures, hats that are neutral in color, for example, gray or beige, are suitable. And vice versa, for clothes of neutral shades – bright hats. Pay attention also to scarves, men’s scarves are always relevant.

Baseball caps, hats, panamas

It’s even easier with them. These accessories differ only in that the women’s assortment is varied in color, print and rhinestones, but there is a smaller size in the women’s line. Those who do not need a small size, and who prefer classic options, can safely take these hats in men’s stores.


If you are looking for a black straight coat then you already know where to look. In addition, the black coat is again a fashion trend, just like the trend of the men’s cut coat! This will definitely be one of the best investments in your wardrobe. Remember that a men’s coat has wider shoulders, due to this, the image will seem more daring, but interesting.

Plaid is another fashion trend for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season. It doesn’t matter which cell you choose, it will definitely be relevant. Be sure to try on a men’s coat, it might be what you were looking for.


Pullovers and sweaters

The choice of models is very large, can be chunky knitted and thin. Composition: cotton, cashmere, wool. Pullovers can be ideally combined with shirts (also possible for men) and T-shirts. A sweater will help to create a stylish and cozy look; it can be combined with silk skirts or loose trousers. It is not so difficult to beat a man’s thing, if the sweater is voluminous, it can be worn like a dress! it can be buttoned or zipped. You can wear it with jeans, mini and midi skirts, a great option with a pleated skirt. You will look incredibly fashionable, and at the same time, the cardigan will add softness to the image, even though it is masculine.

Quilted jackets

The most versatile practical option for autumn. And they are in trend again, or rather, they have not gone anywhere and have not given up their positions for many years. It can be shortened bombers and elongated parkas and capes. It is good to combine with basic things (jeans, trousers) with knitwear and woolen things.

Small test

Who is this kit built for? For a man or a girl?

Hint in shoes. For a girl, but agree, if you replace shoes with men’s boots – this image becomes completely masculine. Therefore, perhaps, by looking into the men’s department, you will discover a new creative world for yourself, where things are not divided into men’s and women’s, but where everything is possible!


What to buy for the fall in the men’s department if you are a girl

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