WhatsApp button on your website: capture contact data with a free tool


I don’t know how popular you are, but regardless of the number of contacts in your phonebook, I’m pretty sure that as you read this article, someone will try to steal your attention with a WhatsApp message .

Don’t feel guilty if that happens, it happened to me too while writing this text. Repeatedly. About 33% of people open WhatsApp as soon as they receive a notification, so we are not the only anxious people in the world.

With more than 5,000 million downloads only in the Google application store, WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications in the world, since it is present in approximately 99% of the world’s active smartphones. According to the company, there are more than 2 billion people who use the application, in more than 180 countries.

Marketers wouldn’t stop looking at these numbers with a twinkle in their eyes. This is probably how WhatsApp Business arose, giving space for companies to also take their marketing campaigns to WhatsApp.

Companies in an instant messaging application? What appeared to be the start of another channel with ads to annoy people, had a better result than expected: 64% of the users of the application said that they would like to receive offers and promotions through the platform. Besides being practical, marketing through WhatsApp is also well accepted by users.

With all this data in hand, it is obvious that we cannot avoid talking about how important it is to use the application in your digital marketing strategies .

In this blog post, I will show you how to take the first step, for free, with an exclusive contact capture tool that we create here at RD Station so that your company can start chatting on WhatsApp with your website visitors . Stay with me!

Start a conversation with your website visitors much faster

Think of your website’s home page as a storefront. Many people are there just to “take a look.” But that “peek” already shows some interest in your company or what it has to offer.

In remarketing generation (where your competitor can be in the next tab) and “I want everything by yesterday”, it is very important that your website offers everything that the person needs at the right time. Do you want more information? Read these articles. Do you want to close a purchase? “Here’s the cart.” Do you want to talk to my company? “Of course, we are at your disposal.”

And that’s why the new release of RD Station promises to change not only your WhatsApp marketing strategy, but also your Digital Marketing strategy as a whole.

The WhatsApp button for websites allows you to place an icon with the WhatsApp logo that can be clicked from any page on your website.

Appearance of the WhatsApp button for websites

When clicking on the icon, a window opens with a form that the user must fill in with their name, email and telephone number to be able to contact you directly through the application.

Botón de WhatsApp
Botón de WhatsApp

After the visitor clicks on the WhatsApp icon and fills in the form fields, they are automatically redirected to a conversation window with the configured WhatsApp number.

All contact information goes directly to the email, so you will speed up the process of starting a conversation with your visitors, in addition to starting the chat with the knowledge of some information about your contact.

How to have the WhatsApp button on your website

First, go to the site of the free tool and then click the button “I want WhatsApp on my website”.

How to get the WhatsApp button on your website

You will be redirected to a window with a button customization form that will be inserted on your website. Place a striking message, it will appear when your visitor clicks on the WhatsApp icon. Next, fill in the WhatsApp phone number of your company along with your most used email. The captured leads will be sent to that email!

An HTML code will be generated for you to include in the source code of your website.

As you can see, below the source code, we have provided some tutorials to make it easier to include the code on your website. You can do it yourself without the need for advanced HTML knowledge.

And voila! In 3 steps, you will already capture the contacts of your website visitors for free.

Continue the conversation generated by the WhatsApp button on other channels

In case the chat started by WhatsApp does not turn into a sale, there is no need to worry, since all the information you have captured will have already been sent to your email registered in the creation of the WhatsApp button for websites . Therefore, it will be possible to continue the conversation through other channels so that that person becomes a new business in the future.

Tip: if your company continues to generate few leads, you can count on an even higher level of personalization, creating tags of interest for each of those users based on the conversation they had.

With this information, in addition to WhatsApp marketing, you can take advantage of the contacts generated from that tool in other ways:

Send personalized emails

No, contrary to popular belief, the email is not dead. You can get amazing results if you use the channel correctly.

Since you will already have the email, name and phone number of your contact handy, you can strengthen this relationship to gather more information and better understand this customer. By better understanding the profile of the user who contacted you, your company will be able to establish more assertive communications, offering the right product based on their characteristics or needs.

An easy way to get more information about your contact is by sending it to a Landing Page that has a form with more fields than the WhatsApp button form on your website.

To make the user interested in giving more information to your company, try to offer something that is of interest to your audience, such as an eBook, a discount coupon, free samples, etc.

Include contact in nutrition flows

The next step after capturing more information from your user, either through WhatsApp or a Landing Page, is to create a long-term communication strategy, through resources such as nutrition flows.

If you know that your client is interested in fiction books, for example, you can include him in an email list to inform him over time about the other great successes of this genre that have already been published.

Marketing Automation tools, such as RD Station Marketing, make this process very practical. With the “drag and drop” function, you choose the actions you want to carry out and in what period of time. All the people who enter that flow, either automatically through the conversion in the WhatsApp form or other means (such as pop-up and Landing Page) or through the manual editing of the Lead, will be affected by your communications.

WhatsApp form

Example of a nutrition flow screen created in RD Station Marketing

Continue the conversation on WhatsApp in the future

Once the visitor has contacted your business, the conversation does not have to end if the sale has not been completed. As we show in our eBook «WhatsApp in Practice, you can classify your contacts by tags within RD Station Marketing.

This way, you can easily find a list of contacts who are interested in some specific news and create a new personalized approach.

With the above tips, your WhatsApp marketing strategy will be even more complete and, without a doubt, more effective.

capturing contacts in WhatsApp

Start testing the WhatsApp button on your website for free

Starting today, the WhatsApp tool is now available to be tested for free on your website . And it is worth remembering that you can also try all the RD Station Marketing features, without obligation, for 10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WhatsApp button on the website?

It is a feature of the RD Station tool that allows you to have a WhatsApp button in icon format that can be clicked within your website page.

Why put a WhatsApp button on the website?

To make it easier for your clients and prospects to contact you. By clicking on the WhatsApp icon within your website, a window opens with a form that the user must fill in with their name, email and telephone number to be able to contact you directly through the application.

How to have a WhatsApp button on your website?

Go to https://materiales.rdstation.com/boton-de-whatsapp-free and click on the button I WANT WHATSAPP ON MY WEBSITE, a window will open with a form to customize the button that will be inserted in your website. An HTML code will be generated for you to include in the source code of your website.


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WhatsApp button on your website: capture contact data with a free tool

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