Why does the use of templates facilitate (and a lot) digital marketing actions?

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Regardless of the maturity of each company in Digital Marketing, the truth is that there is always a lot to do with time and resources normally limited. An efficient way to ensure that everything will be done on time and with the necessary quality in the construction of the lead generation and sales machine is the use of ready-made templates.

There are several examples: email marketing campaigns, landing pages, reports and many others. Using a template or template to perform a task, much of the work is done. This allows attention to focus on thinking about what really matters: the content.

Working with templates brings relevant gains in agility, quality of delivery and cost reduction for your company. We dive into each of these benefits below.

Digital Marketing Toolkit and Models to improve your productivity

By using the tools in this kit, you will be able to increase the productivity of the Marketing team, facilitating the planning, management and delivery of results.

The benefits of working with templates

Let’s talk about three benefits of working with templates: agility, quality and economy. Let’s look at each of them in more detail below.

Agility: more results with much less effort

As an example, let’s think about lead generation. Tasks often involve creating rich content as a bait to attract visitors, a landing page for conversion, and then sending emails to attract potential customers.

When creating rich content, design work is needed to make the material attractive. For the creation of the landing page and the email template, you will need someone with knowledge of html and CSS. How much would it cost to do this task from scratch?

Now let’s say you have a basic template available for each of these tasks, with a simple tool for editing the layout and content. Unlike the previous example, the cost of execution is now much lower.

A few hours from a single employee will most likely be enough. So we can say that a marketer who has good templates to work with can act like a complete team, proportioned, of course.

Quality: already tried and tested

A good template doesn’t usually come out of nowhere – it’s usually the result of the experience of someone who has used it before. This person has had to do it from scratch several times and knows how each element works, where the most common errors are and what to keep in mind.

Therefore, by using templates you already have a good part of the work aligned with the best practices in the market. In other words, the basic attributes have already been tested and validated beforehand.

Working in this way, several of the important considerations have already been taken into account, with the rest of the work focused on adapting the workforce to the context of the company. Of course, the rule of measuring, analyzing and optimizing the profitability of the stock is still in force, but without much concern about the structure.

Economics: cost reduction

We discussed earlier that a marketer armed with templates can be worth an entire team. This means that companies that need to be effective without spending a lot can customize different types of templates without the need for experts. A person with some knowledge can generate results on their own.

In the case of companies that already have all the necessary workforce, using templates as a basis for actions saves many hours of work for specialists. This will allow the team to take more action and focus on optimization to take advantage of the results.

For example: it is common for RD Station clients to customize the templates in an advanced way, changing in addition to the colors and the content, the html and CSS code.

Examples of useful templates for marketing

To exemplify all of the above, let’s look at the various templates RD Station has already created (and used) to help marketers. Some of them are within RD Station Marketing, while others are available for free download.

Landing Pages or landing pages

With RD Station Marketing, you can choose from several editable landing page templates. They are designed for the various ways to obtain the best conversion rates.

landing pages

Recently, the LPs and Pop-ups editor got a number of new templates and features, such as drag and drop. You can try RD Station Marketing for free for 10 days. Just leave your email in the following form.

Email marketing campaigns

RD Station Marketing also offers dozens of email templates. If LPs are used for conversion, the emails are intended to create a relationship with potential customers.

We have templates for different types of campaigns, which will greatly facilitate the creation work.

Email Marketing

Success plans

RD Station Marketing Success Plans have predefined and customizable task lists. They allow users to set deadlines and those responsible for activities, in addition to monitoring the progress of your projects.

Based on this information, the software figures out which tasks are at risk and helps keep the project up-to-date through notifications. It also has dozens of success plan templates to help your productivity.

My journey

My Journey is an interactive guide to help RD Station Marketing clients achieve their first goals or even improve their campaigns. It was built on the most common difficulties of our clients and our own experience.

It presents step by step, in a template format, how to perform the main tasks within RD Station Marketing. You can try it in your free trial!

Analysis and planning of digital marketing

When defining and organizing goals for the team, many managers have difficulty knowing how and when to carry out their actions, as well as how many resources must be invested for the success of the action. This kit brings a clear and effective proposal to carry out this planning.

Click here to download

How to prepare a digital marketing budget

Another difficulty that is often encountered is how to properly size the marketing budget according to the greater opportunities that the company has. This template will help you organize your thoughts and make the best decision.

Click here to download

Content management

Understand how to manage the publication of content in the optimal frequency for each channel with a spreadsheet prepared exclusively to serve as a guide in content management.

Click here to download

Templates for eBooks

In this kit, you will find several templates to diagram your materials and thus create content that generates a great experience for the reader.

Click here to download

Monthly digital marketing report

Download a report template that indicates the most important metrics to report and the questions to help you evaluate the results.

Click here to download

Precautions we must take with the use of templates

It is worth emphasizing again that a template should not eliminate the need to think about what is being done and what adaptations are necessary to fulfill your purpose and business. A template is a great starting point, not a final template.

With this perspective, it is essential to think about all the necessary changes that adapt to your case, to give your company a unique identity in content and design.


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Why does the use of templates facilitate (and a lot) digital marketing actions?

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