Cheap websites: how to have a quality website without leaving you a fortune

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There are two very common topics about cheap websites (and most products and services). The first is that cheap is expensive, by virtue of which everything that costs little money is a birria that ends up being of no use to you. The second is the one that assumes that to have a quality product or service you have to leave a fortune.

As clichés, neither is entirely true. On the one hand, it is true that we must flee from excessively cheap things like boiling oil if we do not want to burn ourselves. Would you trust a painter who says that he is going to paint your premises for 50 euros? Or an electrician who offers you a reform of the electrical installation of your premises for 300 euros? Well, your website or your online store are as important as your office or physical store, your electrical installation and the decoration of your premises together, because if these affect the image that customers of your business will have and their intention to buy your products or hire your services, with your website the same will happen. Be suspicious if they offer you a professional website that will help you attract clients for 200 euros.

On the other hand, it is also true that many times we pay unnecessarily large sums , because perhaps when starting our business we do not need a huge premises or a large number of employees, for example, but rather We will scale our business little by little as we see how it goes. The same happens with a web.

Although we must be wary of bargains that can make us end up spending more money, it is not entirely true that to have a good web we should spend a fortune .

Neither cheap websites nor unnecessary expenses

It is not necessary, therefore, that we go to the bargains, with cheap websites, or that we spend a fortune on a very complex website that we do not need.

Cheap websites are often made with purchased templates (they save many hours of programming), which, although they are very visually attractive, usually do not have a clean code (something essential for a good positioning in Google), and unnecessary functions that can provide a bad user experience and, therefore, harm navigation (also essential for a good positioning) and conversion (purchase of products, budget or information requests or whatever we want. the user does through our website). And of course they are not usually designed according to an SEO strategy so that they find us on Google.

We have come to see corporate websites designed with templates designed for online stores, for example, or online stores developed as if they were a blog, without an adequate structure to sell. Spending money, even if it is not much, on a website like this is throwing it away, because it will not serve what it is indicated for: attracting new customers that we could not get word of mouth.

Cheap websites, with the basics, but high quality

Can we, then, have a cheap and quality website? Of course. But it is necessary to understand that in this case we will not be able to have everything: we will have to prioritize.

If we have a little budget it is better that at the beginning we make a very basic website ,
but personalized for the activity of our company, with good foundations in web architecture and the contents to go it scaling (for example, making it compatible with all mobile devices and orienting it to SEO is essential in most cases, so it is advisable not to save money on this concept).

We will have to ask ourselves, for example, if we need the web in three languages ​​as we had in mind, or if with one language, that of our largest audience, we can go pulling, and develop the other two versions later, when we have tested our internet business. Perhaps, for example, we do not need to make absolutely all the services we offer visible but two or three (each additional page developed has an impact on the cost), or we do not need to offer payments by bank transfer (each different payment gateway requires an additional installation, something which also influences the cost).

These decisions are a litmus test for some companies, which sometimes insist that everything is essential for them and end up hiring someone who gives everything but poorly worked.

If we want a cheap website but of quality, we will have to prioritize and start with the most basic , instead of aspiring to have everything but badly worked.

The essential in any cheap website

What is essential on a website, then?

  • A home page that revolves around a main product or service.
  • A contact form .
  • An SEO strategy that determines the most profitable keywords to achieve higher positions in Google.

Webs baratas con un solo apartado

That is what a website is for: for them to contact us.

If we are a photographer, for example, we can start with a website with a single section (the cover), which contains a brief description of who we are and our projects, some samples of our work and a contact form.

But for them to contact us they must reach our website first. And for them to reach us, generally through Google, we need to carry out an SEO strategy , through which we determine which are the most competitive keywords for which to try to position in Google. Without this strategy, even if we develop a basic website that advertises a single service or a few products, we could try to raise positions in Google with words that do not have searches and that therefore will not provide us with customers, or with words that are too disputed and by which is very difficult to compete.

If we are that photographer, then, we will have to know if it is better for us to advertise ourselves by “wedding photographer”, by “freelance photographer”, by “cheap photographer”, by “barcelona photographer” or by “barcelona wedding photographer”, for instance. Choosing the option that has the most satisfactory combination of searches and level of competition will be essential to attract traffic to our website that provides us with enough clients to grow our business, make our investment on the web profitable and be able to advertise by more keywords than just in turn provide us with even more customers. And for Google to position us by the words that interest us, among other factors, each service must be assigned a different page (a section) within the web. We can only do this planning through an SEO strategy, which should be a priority in the most basic websites.

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But how much does a cheap and quality website cost?

A cheap website with a custom template developed from scratch, with the basics, which is a home page, a company presentation section and a contact form can cost around 300 euros plus VAT. This does not include either domain, or hosting, or content writing to enhance the request for information by customers or the purchase of products, or images, or any additional concept. It also does not include the SEO strategy. A well-done SEO strategy, which really determines which services are the most sought after in the company’s activity, which of these are priority and which are secondary to know how the web should be scaled, costs about 700 euros plus VAT.

Therefore, a cheap but quality website, customized for the type of activity carried out by the company, fully prepared with an SEO strategy to scale from the basics, will cost about 1,000 euros plus VAT. Below that price, it is rare to find a website that is well developed and is going to be of any use to us.

A cheap website , with a home page that advertises a single service with a contact form and a positioning strategy in Google worth about 1,000 euros + VAT

You always have to keep in mind that a website is not a mere online business card. A client that you have contacted by other means than the internet is rarely going to enter your website for something. And if he does, it is because he is already considering hiring or buying your products or services. A website is part of your growth strategy. It should serve to attract customers that you cannot attract in other ways. If it’s not going to be of any use to you, then you better not have it. Because there is no expense that is worse done, no matter how cheap, than one that is done for nothing.

Cheap websites: how to have a quality website without leaving you a fortune

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