5 elements your website must have

5 elements your website must have 61b0ed266bf5b

5 elements your website must have

Do you run a small or medium-sized enterprise? If so, you have read more than once that a website is a must, that you need a company account on Facebook and so on. However, “to have” does not mean to “be successful.” The differences between a bad and a good side are very visible in the conversion and in the perception of users. In order for your website to function properly, it has to meet many requirements. We describe a few of them.

Create good descriptions of your activities

The client does not come to your site without a reason, usually knows more or less what he is looking for, but considers various options. You have to show that it is you who provide the services that the potential customer needs. Show yourself, your team, showcase your professionalism and achievements. Just be an expert with a human face, not confined to a glass tower, but knowing all the necessary solutions. An interesting description is something that will keep the user on your website for longer.

Don’t forget your contact details

This may sound quite trivial, but sometimes you forget about it or not complete all the necessary contact details. As a result, we may lose the chance to make a transaction. You should also remember that the phone number should be clickable (at worst copied) on a mobile phone. Thanks to this, the customer will be able to call immediately, without having to remember the number. It is also worth placing a form on the contact page, thanks to which the customer will be able to quickly and easily send an inquiry.


Take care of the logical layout of the page

This point partially complements the two previous ones – if we already include contact details or interesting descriptions of activities, we must make sure that the client knows how to reach them. The page layout must be intuitive so that each user knows what is where without thinking or wandering. Otherwise, the client will simply close the browser window and start looking for another company. Nobody is going to dig through unnecessary information to get to the bottom of it.

Make your website responsive

Your website must display well on any device, not only on the computer. Cells, tablets – everything must be as legible there as on a large screen. Let us remember that the number of users of mobile devices will increase, and it is already very large. Therefore, responsiveness is necessary.

Double check the operation of the page

After publishing your website, you need to carefully click through each subpage, send test forms, check if links to profiles on social media work. Contrary to appearances, there are many things that may not work, even on a simple website. If you don’t check everything right away, you won’t feel like doing it later. Until someone points out that they couldn’t do something on your site. It is also important to verify that the website is displayed on mobile devices.

5 elements your website must have

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