6 tools for creating a brand

A brand that needs to reach and convince customers needs a professional image. We will advise you on how to give your brand an effective visual appearance so that you can start presenting it on social networks, business cards, a website and in e-mail. We’ve already written about how branding works. Today we focus on […]

Web design trends 2018

As in fashion, in web design, styles change every moment. We have an overview of graphic principles that are currently flying in the world. Get inspired by web design trends in 2018. 1. Vibrant tones and color contrasts In contrast to the soft, muted tones that dominated last season, this year will be marked by […]

How to write the About Us page

The About page tells you about your brand and builds relationships with customers and partners. It decides whether the job seeker will write to you. Influences purchasing decisions. It therefore depends on the text. We’ll help you write an About Us page.   It’s time for your new website. You come up with what and […]

What does a community manager do? Does my company need one?

The word community manager refers to the concept of online user community. This is the group of loyal customers of a brand or users interested in it, present not only on social networks but also on all kinds of online platforms, including the corporate website itself. In fact, in English the concept of community manager […]

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