5 Best Company Name Generators of 2021

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When creating a business, you need to think through each step to get the desired result. Every step is important, but choosing a company name is definitely one of the main . Often, this selection takes a lot of time and effort. If you are experiencing difficulties in finding the best name for your company, then we suggest you read our useful tips.

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Tips for choosing a company name


Avoid inconsistencies between the name and the main activity of the organization. Agree, names like “NyamNyamka” are associated by buyers with grocery stores and public catering, but not with furniture companies. Therefore, you should select the name based on the goods and services sold by the organization.

Selling name

The name of the company should reflect its essence, however do not take this advice literally. It would be inappropriate to name an organization “Gadgets” even if it sells smartphones.

The main purpose of a company name is to educate customers about the experience and benefits of the business, encouraging them to make purchases.


Specificity human perception makes it difficult to remember information such as names and names. That is why one should take into account this feature of human psychology and give preference to such names that will be easily remembered by customers.

To prevent the name of the company from being lost in the bins of customers’ memory, you can resort to some trick. Its essence lies in creating a certain association of a brand name with some kind of experienced feeling or feeling.

There are several main nuances that will help in creating a memorable name:

  • Brevity. It is advisable to give preference to a name consisting of one or two words. Such a name is much more likely to be remembered by clients.
  • Uniqueness. It is important not to borrow the name from other organizations, but to come up with your own. Otherwise, the brand will lose its originality.
  • The presence of familiar words or sounds. If the name consists of phrases or letters that customers do not understand, then it is unlikely to linger in their memory.


When choosing a name for an organization, it is important to make it popular, otherwise you will not be able to attract the attention of modern potential customers. But choosing a name based only on fashion is extremely wrong, because then there is a risk that in a few years it will be perceived as outdated. Of course, it is impossible to predict the relevance of the name for decades ahead, since fashion trends usually change unpredictably. But it is important to take this nuance into account.

There is no need to focus on existing company names. Each organization is individual. One name for the first will bring success, and for the second – failure.


Using existing names is the gross mistake when choosing a name for a company. The name assigned to the organization makes it original, different from other similar enterprises.

A unique name is more likely to be remembered by buyers and will be associated with your company. In addition to the fact that the name should be one of a kind.

This principle is also mandatory because a company entering the market must stand out from many other similar organizations. This is due to a lot of competition. If the name of the company does not attract attention and does not linger in the minds of buyers, then the likelihood of business success is drastically reduced.

It is almost impossible to gain a foothold in the market if the name is chosen too simple and ordinary. But do not use fancy words – it can also have an undesirable effect.


This principle is quite obvious, but many companies use the choice of the name is considered unimportant. As a result, they do not focus on attractiveness. It is important to understand that the name cannot be liked by all customers at once. You need to focus specifically on your target audience and choose a name that will sympathize with it.

Therefore, before starting the process of choosing a name, you should study your clients for their characteristics. This could be the language spoken by the customers or the age range. Proceeding even from these two information, it is possible to build the basic tactics of further work. It is also important to take into account the income of the clients with whom you plan to interact. Additionally, you can explore the main interests of buyers, their preferred brands and even style. For example, giving a company a newfangled name, hoping to attract buyers of retirement age, is not rational.

Pay attention also to the frequency of the words that you plan to use in the name.

The main purpose of a brand name is to attract customers and sell the goods and services being sold. It should indicate the main advantages of the organization, its essence and originality. It is extremely important to establish a connection with the client, because only then can you count on creating a permanent customer base.


A successful business should wear this a name that will live for centuries. This is, of course, the ideal. But it is still advisable to choose a name that will not lose its relevance and popularity for many years after the brand was created. That is why it would be an unfortunate decision to name the organization by the name of a person who is well known at the present time, but may not be so in the near future.

Making sense

Giving a brand an original name that does not carry any semantic meaning is a significant mistake that can lead a business to failure. Quirky company names that differ by only a few letters from popular brand names will definitely not be successful.

Keep in mind that your company name may be understood by customers in other countries in a completely different way than you expected. This often leads to the formation of a negative attitude towards the brand among the foreign audience.

Top 5 company name generators


Great option for generating a random organization name. To get started with the service, you just need to specify the field of activity. If necessary, you can select the region, as well as the level of solidity of the final version. If you need to get a completely unique name, then this option can also be obtained on the service.


With this generator you can get a unique and creative name for your company. You just need to specify how many words it should consist of and select a category from the options suggested by the site.

Brand generator

On this site you can get ideas for developing a brand name. A feature of the service is the ability to create a name that fits perfectly into Russian reality.



The criteria suggested on the site will help you get a name that might suit your company. Before starting the generation, information is requested about the number of words in the final word, as well as the preference for the first letter. Plus, the site will check the domain name for uniqueness.



Contains several options for creating a name for your organization at once. You only need to enter keywords (usually two), and then the service will randomly select several ideas. Using the functionality of this site, you can also select a domain name and even orient it to a specific country. With the help of this service you can choose the best variant of the company name for yourself.


When developing a brand name, you need to opt for one that will “serve” the company for many years. Any business at the beginning of its journey experiences difficulties in finding customers, so it is important to take into account all the nuances of the market and target audience.

Often, organizations have to completely change the offered assortment in search of the one that will bring the business success. In this case, it is important to keep the name unchanged, otherwise all efforts will be in vain.

The chosen name should reflect the best qualities of the company, represent it in the market, and punch its way to the top of the rankings. The ideal name is not just a word or phrase, but the name of your entire brand, its embodiment. Therefore, it is important to choose a brand name that will appeal to you throughout the life of the company. And even after its completion, it will remain in your head as a pleasant memory, bringing a sense of pride in the work done.


5 Best Company Name Generators of 2021
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