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The person should always be at the center of the design. Only when we focus on defining the problem, trying to imagine what kind of emotions a person will receive from the product and create a design solution that will help people achieve their goals or satisfy their needs; when it becomes the center of our thinking and the lens through which we look at the world – only then can we at least start creating truly meaningful products.

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About Product Design

30 best logos in history

What is a logo? Logo – a graphic image of a trade mark. It is created for easy recognition of the company’s brand among consumers. The logo should be unique and of high quality, to attract the attention of the buyer. The logos were created to distinguish products from manufacturers from the same industry. There […]

Vodka design – trends 2016

Looking at good packaging, we feel the taste and aroma of the product . We want to become the owner of beautiful shapes, along which a tear of coolness runs, there will be a desire to try a drink from a bright and attractive bottle. Modern packaging for vodka products should be just like that. […]

Cosmetics packaging design: the key to the consumer’s heart

Cosmetics packaging design gives the consumer the first impression of the product. The correct design of cosmetics carries several important messages : helps to position the product, attracts the consumer and tells information about the product. Each element of the packaging – material, color and shape – reflects the brand’s values ​​and personality. Cosmetics packaging […]

About WebDesign

How to write a blog: 10 keys to success with periodic content

If you have entered this post it is because, either you have already convinced yourself to write a blog, or you are considering it. If your case is the second, in this post we recall the advantages of blogs, which revolve around the construction of an online reputation based on quality content, something that in […]

6 tools for creating a brand

A brand that needs to reach and convince customers needs a professional image. We will advise you on how to give your brand an effective visual appearance so that you can start presenting it on social networks, business cards, a website and in e-mail. We’ve already written about how branding works. Today we focus on […]

6 trends of the modern web – or how to do it if you are not a designer

If you want to own a website, you don’t have to be able to code. But you need to know what today’s website should look like and what it should be able to do. We’ve put together a quick guide to current web design trends. 1. Original large format photos The web is no longer […]

About Fasion Design

Rules for creating the perfect wardrobe

We all want one formula to create our ideal wardrobe with ease – hence the popularity among checklists, where ready-made universal solutions are collected: leather jacket, white T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, etc. …As it shows practice, such ready-made formulas are not suitable for everyone and do not cover our needs for clothes for different occasions. And […]

10 stylish tricks: how to decorate any look

Looking at stylish images on the Internet, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that this or that outfit is not so complicated, and we are quite able to recreate it on our own. But for the completeness of the image, some details or stylish techniques are often lacking. Stylists and fashionistas always use various little tricks […]

How to conduct a photo shoot for a clothing store: tips for stylists

A stylist in a large and not very large city is often attracted by shops to stylize photographs. Salons can afford to pay for a stylized shooting, the stylist is often not only an ideological inspirer, but also an organizer of the process. Clothes Meeting with the client It is imperative to meet with the […]

About Home and Life Design

10 mistakes to avoid when setting up a small space

To properly adapt a layout to the available volume, do not fall into the following pitfalls. Designing a small space requires very specific design solutions. To optimize square meters, implement all the expected living features and have a pleasant interior, you will need to redouble your ingenuity. Here are the main pitfalls to avoid for […]

What do I have to do before starting construction work?

There are a few things that are required before starting construction work. They mainly result from top-down rules of shaping adjacent buildings. All the conditions that we must meet are to protect the functions for which you and your neighbors are intended. After all, no one would like to have a large 11-story multi-family development […]

10 mistakes not to make in the event of a heat wave

How to keep your house cool? Find out what not to do to keep out the heat. In France, the heat wave is announced when the minimum temperatures, especially at night, are above 20 ° C and the maximum at 33 ° C for at least three days. During these hot periods, it is essential […]

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