10 stylish tricks: how to decorate any look

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Looking at stylish images on the Internet, sometimes you catch yourself thinking that this or that outfit is not so complicated, and we are quite able to recreate it on our own. But for the completeness of the image, some details or stylish techniques are often lacking. Stylists and fashionistas always use various little tricks to make the most uncomplicated image as interesting and relevant as possible. In this article, as a stylist, I am ready to share with you some style tricks on how to decorate any look.

1. Accentuate with color – highlight only one detail in the image with color.
For example, a simple we can decorate a beige sweater with a light green skirt, while shoes and a bag will also be discreet and laconic. Or choose a bright pink bag for a simple white shirt and black jeans.

2. Focus attention with style – we focus on things of unusual design. For example, for simple blue jeans, a white T-shirt and shoes, we will pick up a bag with a very unusual shape that attracts attention. Or, instead of simple shoes, we will put on a model with an unusual heel. Let’s choose a bag with an accent handle on a large chain for a simple and concise look.

3. Use layering
Layered looks always look stylish and want to be explored. Try a loose shirt and leather jacket over your top with jeans. Or wear a hoodie and a jacket over a turtleneck with trousers. Even putting a vest on a shirt with trousers, your image instantly transforms.

4. Add fancy items to your everyday wardrobe. For example, to a simple sweater with a loose fit, add a straight sequin skirt that has been in your closet since the New Year holidays. Or wear a smart blouse with frills and bows with simple blue jeans.

5. Change the function of things
An accessory in the form of a silk scarf can be worn on the head like a bandanna, or it can be interesting to wrap it around the handle of a bag, put it on instead of a belt or tie it around the neck. Try wearing a sweater as a scarf, over a jacket or even a coat.

6. Play with proportions
Instead of tucking your shirt into your pants as usual, tuck it in from one side only. Or, tuck in the T-shirt not completely, but only in the front or on the side. Also try to roll up your sleeve or trousers, experiment with the width of the turn.

7. Use the principle of contrasting textures – put on a woolen sweater for a delicate slip dress, or wear a delicate blouse with leather pants.

8. Bring bright colors into your wardrobe
Use the principle of color contrast – wear purple pants with an orange jumper, or a pink sweater with blue ones, go for street styles with colored looks and don’t be afraid to mix colors.

how to decorate any look

9. Use the principle of interaction – try tying sandals over pants or wearing a miniskirt over a long shirt, the hem of which will be visible from under the skirt.

10. Don’t forget about stylish accessories. Any look can be transformed by adorning it with trendy layered chains, belts, accent earrings or glasses. Experiment and try on new accessories! The main rule not to be a Christmas tree is to wear only one accent accessory, and the rest are more concise.


10 stylish tricks: how to decorate any look
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