Web design trends 2018

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As in fashion, in web design, styles change every moment. We have an overview of graphic principles that are currently flying in the world. Get inspired by web design trends in 2018.

1. Vibrant tones and color contrasts

In contrast to the soft, muted tones that dominated last season, this year will be marked by bold, rich colors and unconventional combinations. Choose bright pink, royal blue, dark purple or vibrant green. Or better yet – combine rich colors on your site and you’re guaranteed to be trendy.

You can also choose from bold colors when creating a web page Business card . You don’t step aside because all combinations are color-matched correctly.
Color schemes – web Business Card

Another trend in current web design is color transitions (so-called gradients), which give the web a touch of elegance.

2. Distinctive typography

Typography, like color tone or large-format photos on the web, helps evoke the right emotions. This year’s web design trends will be in the spirit of bold texts, bold and bold font experiments. With large headlines on the main page, you will attract the attention of our visitors and pass on the message of your brand. However, the principle only works if you leave the rest of the page clean, with a minimum of distractions.

3. Minimalism

Another rule to stand out is the minimalism rule. The principle has been trending for a long time and is moving to ever greater extremes. It consists in displaying only the really necessary elements on the page, without any chirps.

More and more often you come across a website that looks like a pure white or monochrome canvas. On it you will find a handful of information, grouped into one part of the screen. The large free space on the page draws attention to the text message. The whole site then looks airy and simple. The effect will also affect the faster loading of a site that is not overloaded with images and other files. ions and animations

More and more websites are using animations and various effects to create a more fun and personal experience. In practice, this means that users on the web are accompanied by, for example, a moving character, animated icons or an interactive video. Interactions are great for drawing users into a website’s story. The playful element is that the user remembers the site, shares it and likes to return to it.

If you choose such a solution, make sure that it does not disrupt the flow of the page and slow down the loading of the site. But technology has advanced a lot, and nice effects can be produced with

trendy webového designu

5. Accompanying illustrations

Another recipe for more special pages is offered by the original accompanying illustrations. More and more companies are turning to professional illustrators to design an original brand face. The illustrations will also help more traditional companies give the brand a human face and make it accessible to customers.

6. Asymmetry

Text overflowing images will play a key role this year, especially on blogs and portfolio sites. An unconventional layout of content on a page that violates established rules will allow you to differentiate yourself from template sites. The magic of asymmetry lies in its distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Web design trends for this year are moving towards experiments with fonts, colors and animations. It opens up various possibilities for you to attract the attention of a website visitor. When designing a new website, you need to think about who your customer is, what purpose they come to and what they expect from the site. This is doubly true when redesigning an existing site.

Web design trends 2018
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