Is it worth creating several language versions of the website?

is it worth creating several language versions of the website 61b0ec5563cb3

The different language versions of the website allow you to increase the number of potential buyers. Which languages ​​should you choose and who should be entrusted with the translation?


More and more customers are looking for products and services online. Online shopping is convenient, and in times of a pandemic there are other issues that keep the e-commerce market thriving. On the one hand, it is about security, on the other – due to the announced lockdown version, stationary stores have been closed and opened alternately in recent months, which simply makes it difficult for customers to shop. In the era of universal access to the Internet and the dynamic development of courier services, there are practically no limits when it comes to buying. It is worth remembering about this in the context of your own website. Is it profitable to create several language versions of the website? It is definitely worth considering. It may turn out that by staying with one language version, we lose a whole lot of potential customers.

Why is it worth creating a multilingual website?

New websites and new online stores appear on the Internet every day. The competition is fierce, and the winners are those who can attract attention and engage audiences. How to show users that they are important to us and we care about their needs? Perhaps one of the most obvious solutions is launching the website in different language versions. In this way, we let the audience know our brand, product or service. This in turn leads to better conversion and increased sales. By creating various

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What language versions?

It seems that the English version of the website is the absolute minimum today. As for other languages, it all depends on whether or not we are “targeting” a specific market. You can also use analytical tools. They allow you to trace which countries (regions) the most visits come from. If you want to sell your products or services on the European market, the German, Russian, French or Spanish version of the website will certainly be useful.

A good translation first of all

Different language versions of the website can help us conquer foreign markets, but you should be aware that a badly translated website can be an image shot in the knee . Who should be entrusted with the translation? Professional internet agencies most often work with translators who not only know the language very well, but also know cultural nuances, and are able to create texts in accordance with SEO principles. A good translator realizes that a literal translation does not have to be best solution. Each text should be adapted to the users, and this principle also applies to the users of a given language.

Is it worth creating several language versions of the website?

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