7 makeup tips for photos

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When shooting we tend to focus on lighting, angles, gear and accessories, but one factor that is often overlooked is the importance of makeup to photos . Whether you photograph families, weddings or models, as a photographer you should know the advantages and benefits that you get from knowing how to apply makeup to the people who will appear in your photographs.

As professional photographers, we sometimes seek to highlight textures, contours and colors for a much more prominent and shimmering visual imprint , however, many of these You won’t be able to get effects with good light, a good angle or the best camera you can get on the market.

We might think that with an edit, passing the photography through photoshop will be enough, but keep in mind that the edits bring you closer to more artificial and less natural or realistic photos. What can I do to achieve those textures, those contours, that natural glow in my portrait photographs ? Here is the importance of makeup for photos .

In this post we will discuss the best makeup tips and tricks for photographers , with which you will be able to highlight your portrait photographs in a much more natural way.

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Makeup Tips for photographers

Use natural light to favor makeup

Unless you are looking to do photoshoots indoors or in the dark, natural light can provide endless benefits for applied photo makeup. than artificial light . Sometimes the casper effect can occur, which occurs when your face, due to the effect of makeup, becomes whiter than the rest of the body.

It usually occurs from using products that come with sun protection, creating that whitish effect on the face. One of the options for this problem is to use products that do not come with these chemical supplements , however, it is recommended to use natural light to take this type of photography.

Natural light in its proper measure can help you to highlight the colors of makeup without exaggerating. For this we must ensure that the light on the model’s face is soft, thus we will be able to highlight the brilliance of the eyes and the colors of her makeup.

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Striking colors for highlight the face

The main function of makeup is to highlight the beauty of the model or person wearing it. In photography, what is sought is to enliven facial features and textures to capture the image, so you should not fear the use and application of striking colors, since with these we can highlight those facial features.

With this we do not want to tell you that you should necessarily use extravagant colors, such as green or blue, but those colors that can reinforce the colors of the skin, the makeup being a bit more intense than the natural colors of the face.

It also happens that the camera, no matter how good it is, can discolor the photographs we take , for this makeup works very well to avoid said discoloration on the face.

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Highlight the brands natural for an original and authentic photograph

Take advantage of natural skin marks such as freckles and moles to highlight those differentiating elements that will make the photographed face an original face. Many photographers highlight natural skin textures with makeup for a much more original portrait.

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Use the contour to provide texture

Define the facial features of the face much more with the contouring . This makeup technique will allow you to highlight and define places more effectively for truly exceptional photos. With light tones you should use in the places you want to highlight, and with dark tones the places you want to overshadow, then blur them and make the resulting finish as natural as possible.

With this we will avoid a flat face, in order to give it dimension and make your features take center stage in the photographs. Depending on the type of face of the face to be photographed, some areas, which we want to highlight, will be given light tones and the other dark tones, you just have to remember that the pattern is the same.

Remember to complement the makeup with the right clothes

In most portrait photographs , not only the face of the person who is photographed, but also all those elements that, in the background, accompany said face. Although the center of the photograph is still the face, in most frames we can see the person’s clothing, as well as elements of the background.

Always seek to complement the photography with outfits and clothes that are in tune with the colors of the makeup, as well as the elements of the context. Remember that the objective of the photo is mainly the face , with which we must try that the clothes do not stand out above the makeup. Simple and straightforward clothing, with colors like black and white, will always look good and match all kinds of makeup styles. If you can’t find the ideal clothes for your photography, you can always opt for a simple outfit with these colors.

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Prevents dark circles stand out more than makeup

Dark circles, that darkened space under the eyes that we all develop to a greater or lesser extent. Although it is not necessary to try to eliminate them completely, in some people they tend to stand out remarkably. If that’s the case, you can use a moderate amount of concealer to make them go unnoticed.

Beware of using a large amount of this, as we can make the face look unnatural. Only the necessary amount depending on the case, in order to give a greater prominence to the makeup on the face to be applied and photographed without the dark circles gaining notoriety.

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Give shapes to eyebrows

It’s not all about makeup! To get incredible face photos, an important element in your photos will be the eyebrows . For this reason, we must seek to give it shape and style with different techniques and products and then combine with the perfect makeup.

Start by shaping the eyebrows with quick, small movements in the direction of their growth, starting at the end near the nose until gradually reaching the next end, now which is your natural orientation and direction. Do not forget to follow the natural arch of the eyebrow and remember to keep the end of the tail of the same so that it does not protrude so much.

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As you can see, makeup for photos is extremely important when creating the face photographs that we want to take. Therefore, as a professional photographer, applying makeup to the faces that you are going to photograph can give you a variety of contrasts, colors and visual approaches that help you highlight the image with authentic beauty.

7 makeup tips for photos

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