Minimalism in clothes in the collections of fashion brands 2021-2022

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How to look expensive and stylish? This can be done in a minimalist style. Today, on the catwalk and on the streets, you can see mainly layering and negligence, cascades of ruffles and a crazy mix of prints, asymmetry, cutouts and many, many other elements that overlap each other and form continuous chaos.

But minimalism exists and is present in many collections. It cannot be said that the minimalism that was 10 – 20 years ago remains the same today. The concept of minimalism comes from the word minimum – minimum. In other words, a minimum of complexity in a cut, a minimum of decorative elements, a minimum of brightness, prints, etc.

What are the features of minimalism in modern fashion

Today, many women of fashion, wanting to show their independence and freedom, first of all choose the maximum convenience and comfort in clothes. For those who prefer minimalism, it means simplicity of cut, elegance, ease.

Girls who lead a dynamic lifestyle and at the same time try to be at their best should definitely choose this style. Minimalist clothing is always a good investment. Such clothes remain in your wardrobe for a long time, often things in the style of minimalism fall into the basic wardrobe, they can be worn in different life situations.

Minimalism in clothes goes well with many things in other styles. Each style has its own characteristics, and in each you can see certain fashion trends. But some people think that in the style of minimalism it is not easy to showcase fashion trends. Militta will try to convince you otherwise. If you look at the looks from the 2021-2022 collections, you will notice that in each of them there is one or another fashion trend that is stylishly combined with minimalism.

If, everything- however, it will seem to you that the created image is somewhat dull, use bright accessories, complement it with an original zest.

Why not combine a laconic cut and a bright color of a dress or suit. The brightness of the fabric will bring festivity to the image, will allow you to put on these things not only in the office, but also in a more solemn situation. You can also dilute the “melancholy” with a restrained, unobtrusive print of the fabric, especially in a two-color combination of motives and patterns. However, when creating a minimalist look, do not forget that your hairstyle, nails (manicure), well-groomed skin and makeup must be absolutely flawless.

Among the materials in the style of minimalism, you can use knitwear, leather, suiting fabrics, tweed, cashmere, cotton, viscose, etc.

If you use the style of minimalism, you probably felt the need to have such things as white shirt, leather pencil skirt, blazer, straight and tapered trousers, including jeans, sweater, T-shirts, blouse in a discreet style, shirt dress, jacket dress and many different suits, as well as coats with a neutral cut and without frills.

The minimalism style will allow you to demonstrate your ability to combine different shades and textures, bright accessories and layering, which is also present here. Minimalism and other styles, such as oversize, are effectively combined with the style.

Minimalism in clothes in the collections of fashion brands 2021-2022

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