Corporate identity (identity) of the bar / pre-party

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Bar Design Trends

The unique identity of the bar attracts thousands of customers and increases sales. Let’s take a look at what unusual places in the world look like and learn more about trends in their design.

Bar types

1. Lux format. Expensive metals and high-quality dishes are used to decorate such a bar. Hi-Tech and modern styles with monochrome colors prevail.

2. Top class. The bar has an original, easily recognizable interior. It can be safely defined as “conceptual institution”. The decor and dishes are somewhat simpler than in the previous version. The bar can be decorated in the style of a specific country or era. The interior uses many details that complement the chosen concept: paintings, posters, flowers and musical instruments.

Высший класс

3. First class. The establishment relies on an atmosphere without the use of expensive decor items. The pricing policy is democratic. If music is playing, then only in the recording.

Первый класс

Bar identity: where to start

Components of the corporate identity:

  • name, slogan;
  • corporate colors and logo;
  • Facade and signboard;
  • interior design;
  • service staff uniform.

When developing a corporate identity, it is important to take into account the assortment on which the stake is made. The bar does not always specialize in alcoholic beverages. There are espresso, grill and cocktail bars. An institution for a cozy, relaxing stay with friends is usually equipped with soft sofas, additional lighting points, which are located near the tables. Comfortable upholstered furniture and pleasant knick-knacks will add a homely atmosphere.

Айдентика бара

The bar for watching sports matches should be decorated differently. The furniture is simple, the decor with sports accessories: scarves, hats, balls, hockey sticks. Wooden furniture is used in the interior.

If a bar or pre-party establishment relies on a certain cuisine, for example, Mexican, then every detail of the interior must correspond to the selected country. In the case of Mexico, these are sombreros on the walls, totems as decor, and a lot of cacti. This interior is dominated by ocher colors, warm shades.

Фирменный стиль бара

The KOLORO branding agency will develop a unique corporate identity for the bar or pre-party, which will favorably distinguish your establishment against the background of competitors.

The bright corporate identity of the establishment helps to attract visitors. The name of the bar, the sign, the slogan, the design of the establishment and the original menu form a complete image.

  • Bank Fan-Bar, Kiev, Ukraine

The case when the name perfectly conveys the concept of the establishment. Guests are served here drinks and food exclusively in cans, which you will agree, is original. The chosen theme can be traced in the interior decor: the walls are decorated with prints, there are cans with delicious filling on the shelves. In the institution, visitors can buy souvenirs with the logo: cans, T-shirts and much more.

KOLORO branding agency will develop the main elements of the corporate identity. Read about how corporate identity helps to increase the price of a product.

Фан-бар Банка

Фан-бар Банка

  • Laundromat Cafe, Reykjavik, Iceland

Laundromat Cafe, Рейкьявик, Исландия

Laundromat Cafe is an amazing concept that successfully combines a bar, cafe, library and even a laundry. Visitors can sit at a table with one of the books that are located in the bar counter or have a glass of wine at the bar while waiting for the end of the wash. The walls are adorned with maps, photographs and posters that add a touch of coziness to the establishment. The design uses warm, fiery colors, from furniture to lighting. The door is painted red to match the sofas and chairs.

Laundromat Cafe

As we can see, all the names of the bars fully reflect the concept of the establishment. Interior and exterior details are made in the spirit of the chosen direction and nothing stands out from the general history. The names emphasize the positioning of the bar and help the visitor to get the first, possibly unforgettable, experience of the establishment. Logos, slogans and signs are made in the same identity.

When developing an identity, special attention should be paid to the main elements of the corporate identity. The bar logo is the main advertising tool. It should reflect the cuisine, concept and philosophy of the establishment. Read about the role of ad design here.

Bar design development is a responsible task that should be entrusted to real professionals. Branding agency KOLORO knows how to create a place to come back again and again.

Corporate identity (identity) of the bar / pre-party

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