How is the interior design process going?


The implementation of an interior design always starts in the mind of the client . This is where the idea is born, the vision of the end result. That is why it is so important to convey this elusive image as fully as possible to the architect whose task is to help make it come true. It seems obvious, but not everyone does it. Meanwhile, information about the space that the client would like to rearrange looks like, what function it has, what should remain in it, and which elements need to be changed – this is key information. The customer’s budget is equally important. This data will allow the architect to prepare an offer in a much shorter time, estimate costs and set deadlines for the implementation of a given task. In the following article you will find what the interior design process looks like?

Don’t spare the time to discuss project expectations

Once the most important arrangements have been discussed, an order valuation is prepared. It is prepared by an architect and when the client raises no objections, a contract for the design of a given room can be signed. However, this is not the end of the preparation stage yet. It is important that the interior designer has the opportunity to learn more about the client’s needs. A meeting, live or even on-line, will be helpful here. During one or more interviews, it will be possible to discuss the details of the assignment. It is worth exchanging photos of each other or inspiring links.

Comfort of use

After everything has been carefully planned, it is time for the architect to start designing the interior. If necessary, he performs an inventory of interiors and installation points, unless he is working on rooms that are under construction and uses the developer’s drawings. Then he prepares the concept of functional layouts of the interior, taking into account its maximum comfort. After completing this stage, the client receives one or more solutions with justification of what they result from. Then the client, alone or together with the architect, chooses the best option.

According to your taste

It’s time to give the room the right style. To make it easier for the client to imagine the future appearance of the interior, the architect prepares visualizations or 3D models for him. Decisions are made as to the finishing of the floors, the choice of furniture, colors, lighting, etc. These activities can be time-consuming, which is why the preparatory stage is so important when the client sets out his expectations and preferences, sharing inspiration and photos. When the interior design concept is ready, the client accepts it or submits his suggestions for changes and comments. The architect takes them into account in new visualizations or a 3D model of the interior.

Detailed action plan and project implementation

Once the interior design meets the client’s requirements, the architect prepares the detailed design. Draws up floor plans, ceilings, electrics and plumbing. Draws kitchen and bathroom layouts and creates furniture drawings for a carpenter. He also makes lists of lighting, furniture and equipment to be bought. This stage completes the design work and it is no longer possible to make changes from earlier stages. Now is the time to implement it.

From the above article you found what the interior design process looks like . If you are looking for help in planning space, take advantage of the help of people for whom interior design is a true passion – Zona Architekci!

How is the interior design process going?

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