Application Development: 10 Benefits of Business Implementation

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Over the past 5 years, the digital market has changed significantly, and these changes have not spared business either. We have collected 10 reasons to order mobile app development .


Why does a business need a mobile application?

A mobile application is a solution optimized for the needs of the user himself. It is always at his fingertips, adapts to the settings of a specific phone model, stores a history of actions and has 10 advantages for your business.

1. Mobile apps shape the image

It’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t care about its image. An app is a way to shape or improve it. With your own mobile application, you will show competitors and customers the level of the company, as well as your compliance with the trends of modern business. An application can become a mirror of a site or a way to present an entire company.

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2. Mobile Apps Maintain Competitiveness

Not only global giants like Apple, McDonald’s and Facebook have their own mobile applications. Your direct competitors – companies that offer similar goods and services – are likely already offering users to download their application.

In order to stay competitive, you must have something to offer your customers. The application guarantees convenience for the user, and comfort is an important component of a person’s desire to buy something from you.

By ordering the development of an application, you guarantee yourself competitiveness. It is important to use popular selling tools (such as the app) – they allow you to stay in the market and make a profit.

3. Mobile Apps Build Brand Loyalty

Having a mobile app increases brand loyalty. It is achieved, among other things, through:

  • Quick access to the application
  • Using the application offline
  • Personalization

With the app, you can help a person feel part of your brand. This principle was successfully played by Black Star Wear when it launched the ability to add hashtagged photos of the brand’s clothing to the app. The person who uploads the photo can also see other people’s photos and feel like they are part of the user community.


Having ordered the development of a mobile application, you can provide for such functionality in it.

4. Mobile applications are directed to service

Customer service is a component of brand loyalty and a tool to increase sales. The application should take care of the user experience. Having given a person to receive the necessary information, product or service in one or two touches to the screen, you become a convenient way for him to get what he wants. Therefore, it is important not only to order the development of the application, but also to ensure that the result obtained meets the needs of the user.

For example, the Uklon taxi service allows you to select the class of car, the optimal cost of the trip, indicate the presence of animals and pick up a car according to other parameters:

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5. Mobile applications interact directly with target audience

The mobile application allows you to immediately work with a hot target audience: those who download it are already familiar with the brand and are interested in your services. You just have to convey to them information about promotions and special offers. By shortening the chain of actions required to make a purchase or order a service, you reduce the number of people who change their mind about buying. As a result, the conversion rate rises.

6. Mobile apps are the key to effective marketing

Send push notifications to customers instead of billboards on freeways. Instead of contextual advertising, use in-app ads and splash screens.


With a hot target audience, marketing and advertising campaigns will show themselves significantly more effective. You will no longer have to “drain” the budget: the funds spent on advertising will be recouped through interaction with people already familiar with your company.

The mobile application expands marketing opportunities. You can:

  • collect data and send promotions only to interested people;
  • present products in a bright way;
  • arrange interactions to increase user engagement;
  • personalize content.

Having done the right branding, even with the appearance of the application, you will encourage a person to use the services offered. Proper promotion of the application will help to increase the number of its installs.

7. Mobile Apps Boost Sales

According to a 2016 study by Google, 38% of people surveyed regularly make purchases using mobile devices. In another study by Adobe, more than half of those surveyed said they find a mobile app a convenient way to shop online. Today the mobile application is one of the main sales tools. By refusing it, you are missing out on a significant part of the target audience, which will return over and over again for discounts, sales and promotional offers. Based on the existing analytics, a graph of mobile app profit growth was created, including the expected results for the next 4 years:


8. Mobile apps as a basis for an auto funnel

Application – a way to create an auto sales funnel. An auto funnel is the customer’s journey from the first acquaintance with the brand to the purchase of a product or service from a company. And the shorter it is, the higher the likelihood that a person will make a purchase.

The mobile application reduces the number of canceled purchases due to the convenient presentation of information. A well-thought-out user journey reduces the risk of losing a customer at the stages of product selection and checkout. The application avoids unnecessary steps. For example, by asking for his phone number immediately after installing the application, you do not have to ask him with every order confirmation.

9. Mobile Apps and Feedback

Leaving a field for feedback in the application, as well as setting up analytics, you can get full feedback from users. This is important for improving the application itself and solving user problems.

It is important for the client to feel that they are being cared for. Analytics will help to personalize the offer for each specific user, and direct communication with him – to better understand his desires.

For example, the Netflix app collects data about a user’s views, and upon registration asks the person to select films that they like. Based on this, the service builds an individual recommendation system. Comedy lovers see films in this genre at the top of the page, connoisseurs of crime series can jump straight to new detectives, and so on. Personalization like this has a positive effect on brand prestige and user loyalty.

мобильное приложение Netflix

10. Mobile Apps and Promotion Tricks

With the application, you turn a regular customer into a brand lover. Small tricks will help with this – from quests within the application to small promotions for regular customers. By increasing user engagement, you increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

Read also how to improve the security of your mobile application.

A good example of such a trick is the case of the Mono Bank mobile application, in which the “quest of the month” was launched in April. The essence of the quest is to find a game in the application and collect 100 points in it to receive a reward. These awards are also a good example of using tricks to build brand loyalty. By making the use of the app a game that anyone can win, you improve customer experience.


Bonus: 5 Business Application Development Examples That Shoot

  1. Planet Kino cinema application . The cinema application speeds up ticketing and allows you to collect points, which are then used to buy new tickets or goods in the cinema market. The app attracts with its intuitive UX design and full compliance with the company’s brand:


  1. Privat24 . Another successful case is the Privatbank mobile application. Convenient for users, it almost completely replaces a trip to a bank branch and eliminates the need to search for a terminal if you need to transfer funds quickly. Here you can also pay utility bills, top up your mobile account, and even book train tickets.


  1. Glovo . Glovo food delivery service, whose branch began operating in Ukraine in 2019, can also be proud of its application. The user immediately selects a particular type of service that interests him, binds his card to the application, and in case of problems – quickly contacts a consultant:
  2. Appendix 1 + 1 video. Streaming service from media company 1 + 1 Media has collected all the group’s media content in one place. The list of functions includes watching videos from the application library, online broadcasts of TV channels, buying TV series before the premiere on TV, voting in the projects “Dancing with the Stars” and “Voice of the Country” and other bonuses:
  3. Nova Poshta application. Completely replaces the site: includes tracking, payment and forwarding of parcels, informs the latest company news, provides a map and working hours of branches throughout Ukraine.

You can order the development of a mobile application at KOLORO. We will help you develop the most profitable application concept for your company and create a product that meets the needs of your business and target audience.

We can also develop a marketing strategy for your company and promote the application. Our specialists will become reliable support for your business and develop an application that will take you to the digital segment of the market.

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Application Development: 10 Benefits of Business Implementation

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