How to combine style and work. Looking stylish at work, getting compliments and promotions

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30 seconds is exactly how long it takes to form a first impression, and most of this time is spent studying the appearance. Therefore, the ability to present oneself correctly in the 21st century occupies one of the most important places, especially when it comes to work: promotion, receiving bonuses, new more promising work, opportunities, interesting projects and much more. The preference is always given to a more ambitious, self-confident professional, and your image will just be able to broadcast the desired message.

In this article we will look at the basic nuances of forming a wardrobe for work. And let’s start with the most common mistakes that destroy your image.

1. Outdated cut of things. Unfortunately, there are still clothing stores that actively sell out-of-date styles. And since we choose calmer and laconic models for work, it is important to consider the cut of things. The simplest look with actual things will always look better than a thoughtful look with things that have an outdated cut. Therefore, always pay attention to the cut, even such a nuance can become the highlight of your look.

2. Looks not meant for work. Sometimes you really want to wear those pretty pink jeans that you bought recently, along with a blouse with an open neckline, to work. Surely all colleagues will appreciate and compliment, but will you make the right impression? Is this how an employee should look who, from the first seconds, gains trust and demonstrates his professionalism? No, so always pay attention to the details as they shape the look.

3. Quick packs in the morning. Going to work in the morning, we do not have a lot of time to select the image in detail. Most often we put on what first caught our eye and more or less coincides with our mood, but very rarely we hit the target and more and more often we wear the same thing or things that do not go well with each other. This is one of the indicators of neglect, which immediately catches the eye. Work on the looks in advance or ask a stylist, and forget about the fuss and the phrase: “Nothing to wear.”

4. Boring and the same images. This problem occurs in two cases: fast packing in the morning and not enough knowledge in the field of stylistics. This is where you need to delve deeper into the topic of style and explore your preferences.

5. Do not use accessories in looks or use in large quantities and out of place. Accessories can increase the degree of style and stretch the image, but you need to know when to stop. Less than overkill is better here, experiment with different details, and be sure to find the perfect balance for yourself.


Increasingly, companies are moving from office dress code to more relaxed ways to work and empower employees to express their individuality. But keep in mind the balance between your preferences and the required impression for the job. If you keep this balance, then new opportunities will begin to attract by themselves, and this will be a great step in your successful life.

And to create even more effective business images, use these stylish life hacks and always be on top:

  • Layering. Layering with vests, jackets, cardigans, shirts, etc. Such images always look stylistically advantageous.
  • Focus on detail. When using basic things, we focus on details: scarf, pendant, watch, belt. So you will raise the degree of style without large investments in the image.
  • Combination of textures. This technique helps to give dynamics to the image and make it more stylish
  • Monochrome sets. The most aesthetic stylistic device.
  • Use the elements of the costume group separately. So you can diversify the images and make about 20 new combinations from one suit.

Work takes up most of our personal time, so the right approach to choosing clothes will help you succeed in business and give you the confidence that is often lacking.


How to combine style and work. Looking stylish at work, getting compliments and promotions

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