The Best Brands of Photographic Cameras 2021

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If you are a photographer or looking to venture into the world of photography, in this article you will find information about the best brands of cameras to buy, find out which one best suits your needs and its features, plus the best leading camera brands in the photography industry.

The indicated equipment you are looking for will depend on the photographic style or type of photography in which you want to venture, if you still do not decide or do not know what equipment is necessary for each style, we invite you to read a little more about types of photography and their photographic genres.

Time to choose

For the criteria at the time of purchase it is necessary to assess different aspects to make a good choice. These are some aspects that today most photographers hope to compare in a camera:


Comfort in terms of size is an important aspect to take into account, since we can find different sizes of professional cameras on the market. Lately it is a trend for the market to take out increasingly lighter and more manageable cameras.

Strength and durability

There are situations where the strength and durability of the camera will be a priority more than ever, for example, if you want to make outdoor content that involves videos of travel or outside the home , the best thing is that you look for a camera resistant to shocks, dust, water and in general, that does not suffer damage lightly.

Type of photograph

Depending on the characteristics of the camera, it will be more suited to one or more certain types / styles of photography.

Thus, the ideal characteristics of the camera will vary in the case of other types of photography such as landscape, fashion, portrait, journalistic, artistic, night photography , among others.

Camera marks

There are various brands of cameras on the world market. However, the best photographic brands have had a long history, they have been pioneers in the history of photography , marking important moments, but without detracting from current brands that have great quality and a future trajectory.

The important thing is to know how to differentiate the capabilities of each camera and understand what they will serve you for, in this way you can choose between each brand and buy the one that suits you best. efficient to develop your work as a photographer. In order to choose between one brand of camera and another, it is also important to consider the technical elements as well as the useful life of the equipment.

Canon Inc.

The Japanese company Canon of cameras and specialist products in the capture of images is one of the most popular for its history since its emergence in 1937. The Technological development implemented in its cameras allowed it to position itself in 2002, becoming pioneers in the implementation of full frame with its 1Ds camera.

Canon is currently one of the leading camera brands in the field of photography, in 2009 it achieved a great position by several recognitions such was recognized in the list of the 100 best camera brands worldwide. The following year it was chosen as one of the most trusted camera brands in Europe.

Marcas de cámaras

Canon cameras

Canon has a great line of cameras and camcorders the best sellers are EOS (Electronic Optical System) is the range of digital reflex cameras , This range has different models, some to be able to start you in the world of photography and other more complete models for professionals since they go much further, and allow us to reach the peak of the quality of photography.

Canon M50

The Canon M50 is a recent camera that is focused on a public that is starting in the world of photography, it is a mid-range camera, easy to use and is very small and light, ideal for someone for photography amateurs who want to make the leap from their cell phone to a reflex camera or who wants to change their low-end camera for a mid-range one.

Master Class Photographers


  • 24.1MP Full Frame Exmor R CMOS, back-fed
  • ISO 40-6400
  • Digic 8
  • Focus points: 11
  • Continuous shooting: 10
  • Battery: 1550
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight: 650g
  • Year: 2018

Sony Group Corporation

The Sony company of Japanese origin manufacturer of thousands of electronic products, the origin of the name of this company arises from the mixture of several concepts, as was the Latin word sonus, which is the etymological base of sound and a popular expression of that time in Japan to refer to a free soul sonny boy.

Sony after years of development only in electronics products such as televisions, headphones, MP3 players, audio systems, is now also part of leading camera brands on the market with the arrival of its alpha cameras.

Marca de cámaras- Sony

Sony cameras

Sony is counting on its alpha camera lineup after acquiring the Konica Minolta company after exiting the camera business. The name “Alpha” arises from the type of lens mount used by the Konica company. The Sony alpha range has become popular in recent years as it is a new generation of photographic equipment and cameras are skeleton , which they put in comparison to digital DSLR cameras due to the incredible results of these mirrorless cameras.

The alpha models include an image stabilization system in the body of the camera, this is an advantage over other cameras since they do not have to Invest in lenses that have image stabilization, this system also reduces jitter and obtaining 3 extra aperture stops in this way improves balance so that your photographs are not blurred.

Sony Alpha 7s III

This camera is aimed at professionals and advanced amateurs , since it has very complete features, has a useful life of 5000,000 photographic shots , that is to say that once taking this number of shots the shutter stops working. It has a great focus and a fast shutter speed which makes it a super effective camera. It also has an automatic focus with eye detection useful for focusing on a moving person.

Master Class Photographers


  • 24.1MP Full Frame Exmor R CMOS.
  • ISO 40-51200
  • Focus points: 11
  • Continuous shooting: 10
  • Battery: 1000
  • Video: 4K HDR
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight: 650g
  • Year: 2018

Nikon Corporation

The Japanese company Nikon Corporation was founded in 1917 dedicated to the production of cameras and in the optics sector, the name of these brands arises from the union of Nippon Kogaku (»Japanese optician) and Ikon in reference to a well-known optician.

Nikon also falls within the most recognized camera brands, Nikon’s main competitors are the camera brands Canon, Olympus, Sony, Lumix, however Canon and Nikon are those who are in constant competition within the choice of photographers, beginners, semi-professionals and professionals.

Marca de cámaras- Nikon

Nikon cameras

Among Nikon’s most popular products, one of the largest camera brands is the F-series SLR, as well as underwater cameras and currently its D-series DSLR digital cameras becoming popular with a beginner and intermediate photography audience.

Its range of Nikon D cameras such as the D3000, D90 and D40 is an introductory series to reflex cameras so they are aimed at a beginner photographic audience and photography amateurs .

Nikon D3500

This camera model is mid-range has a great image quality, this camera is focused on photography since it does not have an input microphone and does not contain an articulated screen, the battery of this camera lasts 1550 shots, it has compatibility with snapbridge that allows you to take pictures remotely with your mobile device, It has 11 focus points which makes a fast focus and accurate.

Master Class Photographers


  • DX, CMOS, 24 MP
  • ISO 100- 25600
  • Focus points: 11
  • Continuous shooting: 5
  • Battery: 1550
  • 4K video at 60 fps
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight: 415g

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation better known as Fuljifilm or simply Fulji is a corporation founded in 1934 in Japan, specializing in the photography and Optical. It is one of the leading camera brands in the sector, it is dedicated to the commercialization of cameras, photographic equipment, printers, optical equipment, and photofinishing.

Marca de cámaras- Fuji

Fulji cameras

Fuljifilm has its range of mirrorless cameras that is to say that it does not have a mirror, this type of cameras are usually more compact, the reflex ones that are those that have a mirror to reflect the light are a little larger, it depends on the taste of each one who to choose between which offers you a reflex camera and a mirrorless camera.

Fuljifilm X-T3

The x series of fuljifilm cameras had great success since its launch, a sample of this was the x100, which came to be in great demand, which were resold by third parties with double the price. This is due to the company’s commitment to implement the necessary accessories for photographers .

The focus system of the x-t is better than that. previous model and even faster because the company has listened to criticism of its products, so the x-t3 has very good implements such as the H265 codec which covers the demand that has been requested for being able to record video with mirror cameras, so it has a new sensor and a good processor.

Master Class Photographers


  • 26MP X-Trans C 4 sensor
  • ISO 160-12800
  • Focus points: 11
  • Continuous shooting: 11
  • Articulated Screen
  • Battery: 1550
  • 4K Video at 60 fps 10 bits
  • Dual SD Slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Weight: 639 g

While each brand is committed to innovating and developing the best photography equipment to suit each photographer for their style of photography, the choice is yours.

Now you know a little about the most recognized camera brands, their history, the ranges or series and what each one offers, it is your turn to choose which of the brands of cameras convinced you more, you can join the team Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm.

The Best Brands of Photographic Cameras 2021

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