How to look slimmer with clothes: stylist tips

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Summer! Such a favorite and always unaware time of the year! Every year, many of us want to lose weight by summer, but from year to year something gets in the way. Therefore, while we have not managed to lose weight, we will use tips and life hacks for stretching the silhouette using clothes and accessories. As in any other area, miracles do not happen here, so it is worth trying to get to the gym, as a last resort, shake your abs at home. Although the most important thing is losing weight in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Total look

Everything is quite simple here. Choose a color that favorably sets off and refreshes you. And build an image in this color, or shades of the same color.

Designers offer bright, even neon shades, and calm ones. The main thing here is what you feel comfortable in. Any total look will stretch, even white, but black is known to hold the leading position in this recommendation.

A little tip. Cool shades create visually less volume than warm shades, for example, blue will slim more than pink. Therefore, when choosing clothes, do not be lazy to look for a suitable refreshing shade for yourself.

More air

Paradoxically, but visually we look slimmer in things not in “Sticky”, but in those where there is freedom to fit (that is, there should be 1-2 cm of air between the thing and the body). If you need to hide and adjust something, then fitting in this will not help us at all, on the contrary, it will emphasize everything as it is, without embellishment.

But if you have nothing to hide, then in the current season it is better to try to combine loose-fitting clothes, for example, high-waisted palazzo pants and a bodysuit top that fits snugly or a crop top. Here, such a nuance as the neckline is important. The V-neck looks good on large breasts and visually stretches the neck, the halter neckline is more suitable for slender girls.

You should also not get too carried away with oversized things, they, in turn, can add volume to the area they are wearing … It is worth keeping to the “golden mean” at this point.

Vertical stripes

Master Class Photographers
I don’t think it surprised you here either. Reception is far from new, but it works flawlessly. Such a coloring as a vertical stripe really draws out the image in a cool way. The rule of proportion is important at this point. What does it mean? If you are the owner of curvaceous forms, then the strip that you choose should not be thin. Conversely, a girl with a fragile physique will not fit a wide strip. Watch out for the nuances.

In the paragraph about vertical stripes, you can also mention the arrows on the trousers. If business style is close to you, be sure to try on such models. Choosing models with stripes or an arrow, with an overstated fit, we kill two birds with one stone – we make our legs longer and the proportions of the body are more harmonious.


Ladies, summer is ahead, and I do not urge you to suffer from the heat, choosing this method. But even in summer there are cool evenings and rainy days when this way of wearing clothes comes in handy. Choosing a multi-layered look, we add verticals, and these are our main helpers in stretching the silhouette. If we chose trench coats, blazers and cardigans for spring looks, then cotton and linen long oversized shirts are the best option for summer layering.


Slits on skirts and dresses, in addition to stretching, also add femininity and playfulness to the image. This includes models of wrap-around skirts, and leg cuts, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical cuts.

There is no template and clear rules in style regarding what is right for you. The main advice is to try on as many things of different cuts, styles, colors as possible, the result of such experiments will surely be pleasant discoveries.


How to look slimmer with clothes: stylist tips

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