In search of yourself and your style


I want to tell you about my path in search of my own style, which I now really like.

When I was in school and the teenage period came, I think many will understand me.))

Their idols appear, whom you admire and want to imitate. But I had them completely unusual))) These are famous rock bands like Agatha Christie, Bi-2 and others …

She also looked accordingly – in grunge style with jeans , windbreakers, leather jackets, chains, and at that time I was comfortable. Internal protest burst out, despite the prohibitions of parents and misunderstanding on their part.

When I entered college, a completely different stage in life began. I really wanted to go to oriental dances. Of course, I didn’t miss the chance, and after that my style changed dramatically.

My acquaintance with femininity, coquetry and romantic style began, but not in its bright manifestation – with ruffles, flounces, frills, but with softer fabrics, pleasant delicate colors and excellent fit.

Only at that moment of the formation of the style there was no basis on which everything was built. That very basic wardrobe, as such, did not exist in my closet. There were many different things, but there was no functionality and rationality at all.

Then a new stage with the Restyle studio school, thanks to which came the realization of how to bring everything in the wardrobe into harmony. In my head there was an expansion of boundaries in the literal sense of the word, an understanding came of how everything can be correctly combined not only by textures, but also by colors.

Girls often think that base in the standard sense means boring and monotonous. In fact, it can be colored, only in a more restrained and laconic cut.

Now in my wardrobe there are more restrained things, but there are also accent ones. I dilute laconic models with accent accessories – shoes, bags, scarves and others …

My main styles at the moment are sport chic, casual, romantic and business. At the same time, I mix them.

Each of us at different moments of life has stages in which we want to look differently, feel ourselves and make a different impression on others.

After the birth of two babies, I choose comfortable clothes. But I can choose something bright and extraordinary, I put the necessary accents. And this is influenced by my mood. We are girls, and our hormones are jumping, the weather outside the window, in the head and in the shower changes.

Young lady showing notes to the older woman

Now, when choosing clothes, I definitely look at the composition. This is very important and relevant for young mothers, as I am now. I give preference to natural fabrics made of cotton, linen and viscose. If there is a small amount of polyester – it’s okay, such things will last longer and will not stretch right away.

Finding your style is very difficult. It must meet all requirements: comfort, quality, price. And the most important thing is the acceptance of oneself in the image that we are trying on. It is important to feel loved, confident, stylish.

We must not chase trends and not try to build a wardrobe only on them, the main thing is to understand why I need this thing, why, for how long do I buy it, what function will it perform, how can I use it rationally, what are my feelings of self ?? ….

For example, I don’t want to stand out and buy only colored things, but I they like it. Then, as an option, you can start purchasing them in dosage, i.e. buy not a bright lemon color, but a muted one, and combine it with achromats (black, white and gray). Add an accessory in the form of shoes or a yellow bag – as an accent.

Also with styles. Until you try, you will not understand. At one time there was a real “boom” for skinny jeans (skinny model). And many got used to it so much that it became unnatural to wear something else. And here, too, it is worth trying on palazzo pants or straight-cut jeans, in which you can be comfortable. For example, the palazzo will stretch the silhouette and lengthen the legs, and straight-cut jeans will suit many types of figures.

Feel free to experiment, try and analyze a little. Understand and feel what is truly comfortable and convenient for you. It will help you create your perfect and functional work wardrobe.

I’ve also been on a long journey to find my perfect and functional work wardrobe. But interest and experimentation helped me accept myself and find my own style.

Posted by personal stylist Anastasia Lobareva (Instagram nastja_stylist)

In search of yourself and your style

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