The second life of outdated things: stylist tips


How often, after reading an article in a fashion magazine or a post of your favorite stylist in the social. networks, we strive to open the cabinet doors and ruthlessly get rid of this or that thing, because it was called anti-trend, outdated, unfashionable?

Agree, this has happened at least once.

And what if I tell you that there are things that, according to a number of parameters, can be safely attributed to anti-trends, but it is quite possible to save them? Interested? Then read to the end.

1. And we will start with perhaps the most common thing in the wardrobe of my clients – the fitted shirt .

Yes, as an independent piece of wardrobe, a fitted, tight-fitting shirt is outdated long ago (and if 3/4 sleeve is so generally gloom). But how cool she looks in multi-layered looks! Due to its insufficient volume, it will not bulge and bulge when you put on a jumper or sweatshirt on top.

2. Tight fitting cardigans. Honestly, I have one in my closet. But! He has such an amazing line-up, and I love him so much that I simply could not part with him. In this case, the tight little cardigan moves from the “top layer” category to the “stand alone” category. That is, we just wear it buttoned on the naked body as the main layer. This method is fairly new and hasn’t had time to bore you, so take note.

3. Skinny. There are so many controversies around this model of jeans: some believe that skinny is hopelessly outdated, others refer to the eternal base. I hasten to assure – I’m not against the tabernacle, but! You need to be able to beat them in style, and there are several options.

Option one (radical) – cut off your old skins, turning them into denim bicycles, and wear them in the summer with oversized T-shirts, shirts or jackets a la from a man’s shoulder.

Option two (sparing) – leave jeans alone and just keep the balance of volumes, i.e. choose looser and longer shoulder products.

4. Tight denim jacket. The one that is worn exclusively over the same tight T-shirt. Do you recognize the model? So this, in the literal sense of the word, baby will play great in multi-layered looks – just put it under your coat and see how cool it looks.

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5. The skinny T-shirt is the one you can see through your ribs. Take a closer look at it, evaluate the quality of the knitwear, if it can withstand the raw edge, then feel free to take scissors in your hands and turn the T-shirt into a super-relevant crop top this summer. If the jersey is not very sturdy, then take the T-shirt to the atelier. In this case, the crop top will turn out to be more “pacified”, but no less stylish.

6. Knitted dress , but not simple, but super-tight. I would not recommend wearing such a dress model as an independent unit, but you can put on an oversized blazer on top, gird it with a wide leather belt and give the dress a chance. If you are not ready for such an alternative, then it is better to let go of the dress and look after yourself a slightly looser model.

7. A slim-fitting turtleneck will play great in multi-layered looks: put on a shirt or even a dress over it and enjoy stylish bows.

Unfortunately, there are no similar tricks regarding outdated shoes and accessories. If they are out of fashion, then you need to come to terms with this and just find a worthy fashionable replacement in the store. Because even the most stylish bow will be destroyed if an outdated pair of shoes, an irrelevant bag or jewelry is present.

In conclusion, I would like to say – do not be afraid to let go of outdated things and take a closer look at something new, perhaps even unusual for you. Go to the store, try on something unusual for you and, perhaps, this thing will pleasantly surprise you and make you look at yourself in a new way, and the world of fashion, and shopping in general.

In the end, fashion is a pleasant game, and the rules in it are not so strict, and the possibilities are unlimited.


The second life of outdated things: stylist tips
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