Trends and stylish tricks for obese women

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If you, like me, are a plus size lady, then share my difficulties in choosing clothes. I have never been slim and only at the age of 35 I began to accept myself a little. Of course, I fought overweight, lost weight, but I can’t keep myself in control all the time, and I returned to my XL again. I am advised to become a fat stylist, but I continue to hope that I will lose those extra pounds and go shopping in peace, and each one will have my clothing size.


By the way, after the pandemic, many brands announced that they would produce more clothes in the main line than XL, because they came to the realization that the average size increased by +2, and no one was going to lose customers. Moreover, if earlier there were limited collections for full ones, now each model will have more sizes in the line. This is good news because, whether we admit it or not, there is weight discrimination in fashion.

Passion for stylistics gave me the understanding that being overweight can look beautiful. Although there are fewer offline choices, and it is very difficult to order an item from an online store, there are rules, following which you can visually bring your forms closer to standards. To be honest, I don’t always think about how to look taller and slimmer. But when I come to visit my father, I see his displeased face, he wants his daughter to look beautiful. Then I feel ashamed that I know the rules, but do not use them, because I can please a loved one.

Fashion trends for obese women

Trends that are perfect for a plus size figure this season include:

  • Lilac in particular and color block style.
  • Denim suits.
  • Prints – diamonds, cage.
  • Quilted outerwear.
  • Long sleeves.
  • Leather raincoats.
  • Bright colors, especially crimson.

How to visually look slimmer?

Focusing on the merits of

Decide what is the main advantage of your figure. Even the most complex shape has its advantages. It can be lush breasts or slender legs. For example, if a person has a pronounced waist, then even when he gets fat, the proportions are preserved. You can’t tell yourself that if I’m fat, then I don’t have a waist. There is a waist, even if there is a belly, but you do not need to hide your waist under hoodies, it needs to be emphasized.

Most obese women also have beautiful breasts, yes, even if this is a stereotype, but personally I emphasize my breasts. I consider it my dignity. Another myth, but also not devoid of soil underfoot, that a full face looks younger, in adult women it really is. If you think your face is beautiful, then you can and should draw attention to it.

If you have slender legs, wear short dresses. Do not think that mini skirts are only for slender women. Thin ankles can emphasize cropped trousers, a strap on a shoe. You can strike a double blow – lengthen your legs, emphasize your waist. To do this, you need to put on the kit completely in one color. The banal advice “do not cut your foot with ankle boots” is relevant.

Geometry to help you

An illusion that works is clothing with a light strip of fabric in the center and dark side panels … It is difficult to find such a dress on sale, but it can always be sewn. Nowadays “Frankenstein” things are very relevant – these are things sewn together as if from several things at once. For example, one part might be white and the other black. We seem to be half our figure. And the one who looks at us first of all pays attention to the unusual cut, and the features of the figure fade into the background.

Another optical illusion can be attributed to the oblique cut, vertical stripes, which can be a print or created due to the open top layer. It is important to remember that not only the front, but also the back must adjust our figure, so when sewing clothes with the desired visual illusion, remember about the back view.

Cutouts and cuts on clothes

Neckline, cutout on the leg will help not only draw attention to the merits, but also stretch the neck, make the legs slimmer. I remember looking at my leg in the cut while walking. No one paid attention to the shortcomings, everyone admired the slender leg in the neckline of the skirt. The neckline can also be on the back. If you have a beautiful back, then don’t forget about it.


Not all overweight women wear shapewear, but I know from myself how much more confident I feel in underwear that supports my stomach … Therefore, be sure to buy yourself the correct and comfortable corrective underwear that will not roll, bump, pull problem areas.

Thick fabrics

Obese women wearing clothes made of thick fabrics
No need to buy fine fabrics. Personally, my problem is a wide back and fat on the back. If, with such a figure, you choose a top made of thin fabric and tight-fitting styles, then all the flaws that you will not see in the mirror will be visible to those who are looking at you from behind. Therefore, we choose freedom of fit and dense fabrics. And also my personal secret is the print. If the dress is not made of plain fabric, then the folds on the back will not be noticeable.0


Good help to correct the figure and transfer attention to the correct zones accessories. For example, if you want to emphasize your chest, put a brooch on your sweater or jacket. You have a pretty face – wear large earrings. The belt is the perfect accessory for a slim waist.1

In which stores to buy plus size clothes?

While not all brands have decided to bend under the sizes of modernity, I’ll tell you where to look for plus size clothes.


  • Violeta by Mango
  • New Look
  • H&M
  • Vero Moda
  • Zarina
  • LaVerita
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Cosmoqueen
  • A.Karina
  • Victoria Tishina Fashion House
  • Zolla
  • Pull & Bear

If you have not found the desired item in the store, then find a seamstress in your city who will sew clothes according to your figure or adjust ready-made clothes to a perfect fit.3

Fashion bloggers in plus size

If you want to be inspired by bold, curvy bloggers, then this list of Instagram accounts is for you .

  • @thelaurenmelton
  • @curvyrellaa
  • @
  • @cidscloset
  • @josydiasberte
  • @jadasezer
  • @hhasselhoff
  • @nicolettemason
  • @mskristine
  • @girlwithcurves
  • @allieprovost
  • @katiesturino
  • @mycurvesndcurls
  • @curvygirlchic
  • @gabifresh
  • @ pinklip
  • @kittenhinfurs
  • @jnaydaily
  • @oliviamuenter
  • @madamxxl
  • @katyazharkova
  • @fluvialacerda
  • @stylemecurvy
  • @iambeauticurve
  • @ rusanova.96
  • @denisemmercedes
  • @lateciat
  • @sincerely_summar
  • @danithetall girl
  • @marchandmayblog
  • @lapiz_of_luxury
  • @tatianalewis_
  • @missxtravaganz
  • @analapuzarro
  • @breekish
  • @roxysgotmoxy
  • @joannapincerato
  • @cateayellah
  • @alacodeblog
  • @personalbravery

You may not strive to be slim, but you need to strive for a well-groomed look. Everyone will pay attention to a woman with a good haircut, manicure, and stylish outfit. Another secret of ideal women is their energy. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker, no one pays attention to her appearance, because she is full of energy, she likes to be herself. For her, appearance and age did not become an aggravating circumstance. You want to touch such people, to consider them, to be with them for one thing.


Trends and stylish tricks for obese women

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