Window to Europe: packaging design for export

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The development of the European market is one of the promising areas for Ukrainian manufacturers. It should be borne in mind that Ukrainian and European consumers are different people . Therefore, in order to enter the Western market it is necessary to act according to Western standards . This applies to correct positioning, marketing strategy, etc. Packaging design development is one of the key points to remember for companies entering the European market.

Successful (or vice versa – unsuccessful) product packaging design forms the consumer’s attitude not only to the product, but also to the company itself . Knowing what will attract the consumer will help the company get its business on the right track. In this article, we’ll highlight the top trends in European packaging design and how to get the right packaging design.

Focus on the essentials

For decades, the cult of consumption has grown like a soap bubble. The number of brands increased and the store shelves were bursting with the abundance of goods. People’s income grew, as did their spending. At one point, there were too many identical offers, and the person wanted less . This is the main thing to remember when reorienting from a Ukrainian consumer to a European one.

Now is the time for essentialism. Time to drop all unnecessary and focus on the main thing. Branding agency KOLORO will help you with this.

дизайн абсента

Concept of absinthe packaging design by Evgeny Razumov.


Historically, it has happened that white is associated with positive emotions in people. People are born into a white light, a white flag is a symbol of peace. Even the knight comes to the princesses on a white horse. Seeing white goods, the consumer subconsciously projects his perception of white on them. Marketers take advantage of this by instilling in consumers a sense of quality and purity by color alone. For even greater impact, they emphasize the white packaging design of the product with geometric patterns or illustrations .

ювелирные изделия

Ontic Jewelry Packaging Design.

Life After Death

The time allotted for packaging is usually short. If its owner is clean enough, immediately after consuming the product, it goes to the trash can. One of the packaging trends of recent times is to force the owner not to do this. This drive is not least inspired by environmental concerns.

How to convince a consumer to keep an empty package? To make the product packaging design beautiful or useful . Have him put it on the shelf as part of the interior. Or uses it as a kitchen utensil. The remaining packaging in the home will become part of the consumer’s daily life, continuing to subtly advertise the product .

Book packaging design concept by Mariva Mordvintseva-Keeler.

Back to the past

History, as you know, moves in a circle. In packaging design, as in other design areas, people try to keep up with the times, all the while trying to invent something new. Only anything new becomes old, and then they return to what they abandoned before.

These can be old color schemes and typographic fonts , or general accents of the past . For example, the popularity of antique illustrations that evoke the feeling of an expensive and prestigious product. It is important to develop a packaging design not just using the motives of the past, but rethinking them . Give them new life in the present.

упаковка печенья

Gourmet Candy Co. Cookie Packaging Design

Pop culture characters

In the past, firms have abused the use of stars in their advertising campaigns. They mistakenly assumed that recognizable faces flashing in the frame would force someone to buy this product. However, they went in the right direction and ended up on the right path. In the past, celebrities and pop culture characters have been used as part of a product’s advertising campaign. Now they are used as the product itself. Yoko Ono on a can of beer, Salvador Dali on a chocolate label, a piñata in the shape of Donald Trump. However, most of the characters used are still not found in real life. Usually they are heroes of films, cartoons or comics . The trend with the latter became popular a few years ago, but still does not think to give up momentum.

To target a European consumer, you need to know which characters or personalities are close and familiar to him. You can order packaging design and successfully choose characters in KOLORO agency. Be in trend!

дизайн водки

Absolut Vodka vodka packaging design. Concept by Krizia Soetaniman.

Eternal Geometry

Many ancient philosophers believed that the world consists of entities and ideas. We know only their reflections, enclosed in geometric figures. Centuries have passed, humanity has plunged headlong into technology, but geometry has not gone anywhere. Designers are now using it.

Geometry in product design is simplicity, accessibility and honesty. Color solutions for geometric shapes and patterns are often monochrome or high contrast. Black or white.

дизайн мороженого

The Muse Concept ice cream packaging design.

Product revitalization

By giving the product individuality, you will make it closer to the customer. Above, we have already written about products in the form of celebrities. It is not necessary to use existing characters, you can create your own. If the consumer feels a connection to the character, their credit card will feel a connection to the product. Moreover, the age segment is absolutely not important here. Feel like Dr. Frankenstein and bring your packaging to life.

чипсы дизайн

Packaging design for Chip Off The Old Block.

Shop like a gallery

Passing by the supermarket shelves, people like to notice the paintings on the labels by Van Gogh, Dali and other famous artists. Therefore, they will be more willing to share information about this packaging or the product itself. However, pictures that have never been recognized or are simply unknown will still create an atmosphere of something high and beautiful, increasing the value of the goods in the minds of the consumer.

дизайн пива

O / O Brewing beer packaging design.


Europeans are conscious people. Realizing that it is difficult to change the world, they begin to change themselves. Throw away garbage in appropriate containers and buy sustainable products. Packaging design trends simply cannot ignore this problem. Every now and then there are new inventions like edible packaging or packaging from which vegetables can be grown.

Our manufacturers should remember this and try to replace plastic with glass or paper . Product packaging design can be sustainable . For example, you can place an image of plants or add more green. You can also report packaging recycling .

дизайн оливкового масла

Vino Veritas olive oil packaging design.


Millennials (people born in the eighties and nineties) are very childish. Generation Z takes the affordability of entertainment for granted. But the childhood of millennials was at the dawn of the entertainment industry. Therefore, a child still lives in each of them, amazed by the new prefix. However, they all grew up. The brutal society no longer allows the enthusiastic selection of a bar with their favorite superhero. They compensate for the need for such experiences by packaging with sketches drawn on them. An adult, it would seem, is an art driven by that very childish spontaneity.

You can order a package design with a talentedly created pattern in the company KOLORO .

дизайн вина

Wine packaging design. Concept by Nio Ni.

Packaging – continuation of the product

One of the main trends of recent times is visual connection of packaging and product . To develop a packaging design, showing it not just a piece of paper advertising the product, but a part of the product is an excellent, although not an easy move. Designers need to understand what element of the product they will expose, making not the label an addition to it, but it – an addition to the label. This combination should look good and fulfill all advertising functions .

ювелирные изделия0

Pork packaging design Damn Tasty and socks packaging design concept by Hyela Lee.

When entering the European market, Ukrainian producers need to take into account many factors. Development of packaging design is one of them. Being unprepared for a new consumer audience can be dangerous. You can cut a window to Europe with KOLORO. We will not only adjust your product to European standards, we will make it European!

You can order packaging design by contacting us by phone +38 044 223 20 51 or by writing to [email protected].

Window to Europe: packaging design for export

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