Finding New Ideas: The 12 Best Websites with Inspirational Pictures

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Visual design is an important part of presenting information. We want you to be able to easily draw inspiration even from highly analytical articles – even our article on the analysis of the candy market is full of juicy photos.

At KOLORO, we are convinced that inspiration should be shared! We recently shared with you the best design blogs we read. Read more about them in the article here. Today we are sharing with you the most intimate – sources of inspiration! These 12 sites will become your irreplaceable assistants in the design of presentations, reports, posts on social networks.


We ♥ it – cozy inspiration

Finding inspiration on Google is difficult. Today, everyone uses Pinterest and Tumbler to find themed pictures. We share with you another site with beautiful photos to illustrate our ideas – We ♥ it.

черпать вдохновение дизайна

+ Themed photos and motivating quotes in the same style will help you beautifully design your presentation, post, stand or article.

+ Web designers can find modern patterns for backgrounds here.

+ The site is full of inspiration for girls : cosmetics, accessories, cooking, fashion, makeup, flowers, etc.

интересные идеи дизайна для вдохновения

There are few pictures dedicated to certain brands (if it’s not cosmetics or clothing).

Difficult to find ideas for packaging or corporate identity design.

Most of the images are in a small extension and have to be searched additionally through Google Images.

InspirationDe – from all over the world about everything

On the InspirationDe website, users from all over the world share inspiring photos and illustrations. The site is very active and is regularly updated with new pictures .

+ High quality images.

+ Abundance of categories (from typography to health).

+ Similar images are automatically suggested.

черпать вдохновение индустриальное

Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev

Aldenchong – branding and design

Interesting packaging design ideas and more – on the aldenchong website. There are many examples of corporate identity for restaurants, cafes and shops.

вдохновение для интерьера ресторана

Design Ribz Grill & Booze bar by Milena Savic and Aleksandar Spasojevic

+ The site has 18 boards on Pinterest with 10,300 ideas for packaging, interior design, posters and even web design. Colossal inspiration!

+ The Moodboard section contains only the best ideas of the day to fuel creative minds.

дизайн бутылок, вдохновение дизайна

Authors Design : Pardon My French by Inne Beczki; The Black Sheep Collection by Charlotte Fosdike

Inspiration Grid – a bunch of inspirational pictures

A selection of drawings from outstanding artists, examples of industrial design, packaging, interior design and photo of the day – all this is on the Inspiration Grid. The abundance of colorful illustrations in various styles is striking.

поиск вдохновение для дизайна

Illustrations : Seventy Two studio ; Javier Gonzalez Pacheco

+ Unusual photos and drawings for a rich presentation on any topic.

+ Examples of modern industrial design: from bicycle to hair clip.

+ Convenient categories for navigation (architecture, branding, graphic design, illustrations, packaging, etc.).

Not all pictures are of good quality.

черпать вдохновение, поиск идей

Photo : Neil DaCosta; illustration : Surreal Collages by Rocío Montoya

BUAMAI – treasure chest

The Buamai website is a huge repository of inspirational images from users. The main content is graphic design and typography-related materials .

+ High quality images.

+ There is an infographic.

+ Photos of people, including from advertising campaigns.

+ You can enable censorship.

The Service does not provide copyrights for works, and it can be difficult to find the author of a photo.

вдохновляющие девушки, портреты, фото-идеи

Dribbble – show your WIP!

On dribble, designers around the world can share WIP ( work in progress ) and get feedback from other users. It is convenient to find new ideas for inspiration here and exhibit your work. User feedback helps to identify design flaws and correct work. Most popular site author – Mike | Creative Mints. He has a unique style and draws a lot for games. Below are examples of his illustrations.

иллюстрации для вдохновения

+ There is a gif animation on dribble.

+ Endless inspiration for web designers.

Few completed projects.

There are no convenient categories to search for images in a particular subject.

Interior design by BUREAU BUMBLEBEE

The sites below are an endless source of creative packaging design ideas.

Packaging of the world – examples of the best packaging from around the world

The creation of any product packaging begins with an examination of existing packaging. The Packaging of the world website helps designers identify major packaging design trends for a product and understand how best to make their product stand out.

+ Examples of packaging are not limited to design for food: there are examples of packaging design for alcoholic beverages, tobacco, jewelry, sporting goods, etc.

+ There is a large category with vintage designs.

+ Each article contains information about a designer or agency.

+ All pictures in large format.

The wide variety of packaging does not allow you to immediately find examples in a particular style.1

Design : Cacao Barry from Agency Design Bridge; Cualli Xocolatl from Michal Slovák

The Dieline – packing for everyone!

The Dieline packaging site started as a personal blog of designer Andrew Gibbs. He constantly had to spend hours looking for inspiration for new packaging designs. So he decided to collect the best packaging examples in one place. Today the site is full of design articles and even awards the annual best packaging The Dieline Awards.

+ Only the best examples of modern design.

+ A rubric of great concepts that never came to fruition.

+ Heading about redesign: examples of packaging design before and after.

+ Themed collections (for St. Patrick’s Day; dedicated to Star Wars, etc.).

Packaging design: Kollektiv

Logopond – a pond of logos

The Logopond website contains examples of the most trending logos. Total number of logos: 152,547! The gallery has logos brought to life, concepts, student work, semi-finished work.

черпать вдохновение дизайна3

Photo: Monica Wang

Logogala – Inspiration

Another site with endless logo inspiration is logogala. A significant advantage of the service is the ability to search logos by color.

Information is beautiful

Site name informationisbeautiful speaks for itself. Useful but slightly boring information, presented here in the form of colorful infographics . This helps to refresh the scientific text. If it seems to you that the topic of the report is very complex and there are no ideas on how to present it more interesting, be sure to look for inspiration on this site. Before creating your infographics, check out our article on 10 Free Services for Marketers – here you will find useful tools for creating beautiful charts (, Piktochart, Canva).

Graphic Exchange – Great Graphic Design

Mr. Cup (creator of Graphic Exchange) collects the best examples of graphic design and packaging. In addition, he keeps records of interior design, web design, lettering – what should be beautiful.

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Finding New Ideas: The 12 Best Websites with Inspirational Pictures

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