Rule of thirds in photography

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The rule of thirds in photography allows us to create a photographic composition that allows us to better frame the images , with guides that help us to make our photography fit see more favorable in our composition . However, it is not that we necessarily have to follow these rules, you have to know when to break the rules and that will depend on the message you are trying to convey.

Composing is not an easy task, because most of us process our perception of reality following patterns and from there come the rules to capture attention and communicate better . In this article you will learn what it is and how to use the rule of thirds or the law of thirds.

What is the rule of thirds and what does it consist of?

The rule of thirds in photography consists of dividing the image into three horizontal sections and three vertical sections , in the same way center your object of interest on the intersection points in order to direct the viewer’s gaze to the center of interest .

The rule of thirds came from the golden ratio , which means that there is a certain proportion between distances and that it is always the same which is equivalent at 1.61803398875. So the rule of thirds is just a simplification of the aforementioned golden ratio. In other words, this proportion occurs in many places within nature.

Before taking a picture, if you focus or guide yourself in a frame based on a composition rule, it will turn out to be a very rational and aesthetic photograph.

It is advisable not to learn the rules by heart, but to look organically where you think there is a frame that you like and that is organically attractive . It takes a lot of practice for you to learn to know when framing is required and when not.

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Rule of thirds in photography

Photographic harmony

It is an essential element within the photographic composition, because the harmony within the composition provides a better result within the frame.

A harmonious composition will cause a feeling of unity , that everything flows properly, it is a very important element so that no element dominates inappropriately.

Points of intersection

The rule of thirds in photography recommends that if you place the elements of interest at the intersection points of the lines (in this case at the points indicated in the image) you can make your image more attractive.

So preferably place the center of interest or subjects at any of the four intersections to direct the gaze of your viewer.

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Law of the horizon

This rule can be used in conjunction with the rule of thirds, since they occupy the same bases to achieve a better interpretation.

The horizon element allows us to give a different perspective, in addition to giving depth to the photographs you are taking.

It consists of dividing or displaying the photograph in three horizontal lines, in order to distribute our elements and see which one is given more importance, you can place the horizon on the bottom line, 1/3 to give priority to the sky or on the upper horizontal line, to 2/3 to give priority to the earth.

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Tips to improve your photos

Now that you know about some elements of photographic composition, remember that these techniques can help you to highlight any element you want and to give a better meaning to the message you are trying to communicate.

Use bold colors

It is recommended that you learn about color harmony to produce pleasant and more specific sensations to give it a better interpretation depending on the photographic concept.

Use your camera in manual mode

So you can get focal lengths, if you want more or less depth of field or capture something in motion. Remember, it is the way with the most creative freedom.

Use the histogram correctly

It will allow you to have a better exposure within your images, to have an ideal lighting.

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How to put the rule of thirds in Photoshop

To reframe a photograph applying the rule of thirds in Photoshop, we do the following:

Method one

Open the image you want to reframe or edit.

We create a new image, somewhat smaller than the original, with the size we want the resulting image to have.

Open the Edit menu> Preferences> Guides, grid and slices. We set the grid line in percentage mode with a value of 33.3, and the number of subdivisions at 1.

Activate the grid, in the View menu> Show> Grid

We copy the original image and paste it over the new image with the grid activated, and move the resulting image until the frame is to our liking

Method two

Select View> Show> Guides and adjust your guides in 3 x 3 format.

How to put the rule of thirds in a Canon EOS M50 camera

To activate the grid or the guides to better frame the photos, you will do the following:

Open menu> Function settings> Option 4> Bottom view. shooting> show crosshairs> select the 3 × 3 reticle so you can frame with the rule of thirds.

Remember that some cameras may vary to activate the grid, however, the process is very similar.

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Example of photographs with the rule of thirds

Balance your photographic composition, the rule of thirds allows you to regulate the elements so that there is a visual balance between them.

Get inspired by image banks, websites, blogs or social networks to practice and visualize the rule of thirds.

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Master Class Photographers
Master Class Photographers
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Now that you know how to compose photographs in an attractive way to the human eye . Learn it, try it and practice when taking pictures with the rule of thirds, and remember, the rules are to be broken, you must make your photos more interesting, guide the attention of your viewer to where you want and let your own creativity flow

Rule of thirds in photography

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